Online Dating Basics for Men

Are you on top of the dating world? Receiving responses from the ladies you send messages to? Meeting the women you feel a connection with?

Or maybe you’re feeling frustrated with your online dating experiences. Maybe you’re sending ten messages a day and rarely hearing a peep back.

Online dating has lots of benefits, but it still requires effort unless you want your expectations crushed and your dreams unrealized. Here are tips that I’ve learned through experiences and mistakes.

Online Dating Basics

Join a site that’s right for you. Search online, read site reviews, and talk to friends. I learned a lot from girlfriends who had used sites for years before I ever did. Nowadays, there are niche dating sites that can help you find what and who you’re looking for, be it a kinky dominatrix, a sultry one night stand, or something more serious.

Write a dating profile that stands out. It’s always shocking when I click on a man’s profile pic to find out more about him, only to discover that he’s written one sentence to say he’s “living life to the fullest and looking for a partner in crime.” While it’s true that most men would date a women after just looking at her picture, women need to know more before they meet you.

Choose profile pictures that tell a story. Upload a minimum of four pics, one close-up of your face with a smile, a full-body pic, and a couple others that show you engaged in activities you enjoy. Skip the half-naked bathroom selfies and dick pics.

Browse profiles thoroughly. It’s tempting to skim over profiles and send messages solely based on a sexy woman’s pic, but she may have lots of red flags in her profile that will save you both an awkward date or no chance of a hookup that you’d hoped for.

Craft personal first messages. At least half of the online messages women receive are as follows: “Hi, how’s it going?” or “What are you doing this weekend?” These are boring and lack anything that would encourage a response. If you see a woman’s hot picture, click on her profile and read it in its entirety, then write a message that will reveal that you read her profile.

Plan unique dates. When you do find yourself in a back-and-forth dialogue that seems positive and engaging, ask if she’d like to meet in person (no rush though, if she needs a bit more time). When she does agree, have a few thoughtful suggestions that cater to her passions.

Just remember, even if you’re just looking for casual relationships, you have to do more than compliment a woman’s physical appearance. Put the time in, and you will see the results.

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