Dos and Don’ts for Casual Hookups

Are you living your sex life footloose and fancy free? More and more people are waiting longer to settle down into a long-term relationship, enjoying the freedom and fun of casual sex. Others, who have had a string of serious relationships, are now looking to explore thier sexuality with different partners.

With online dating sites like, casual sex is easier than ever to engage in. It’s not like the days of going to a bar and spending a ton of cash, hoping a lady will talk to you, maybe want to go home with you.

Casual hookups have many possibilities within them, depending on what you’re looking for. Let me share some of my wisdom with you.

Dos and Don’ts of Hookups

DO give it your all when it comes to pleasing your partner. It’s all about sex, right, so make that sex as memorable as you can. Remember, you can have casual sex that is still meaningful.
DON’T rush out, unless it’s been discussed beforehand that that’s what you both want. There may be round two just around the corner, or some awesome cuddling.

DO ask about her life… the basics (work, goals, pets, interests). Women don’t want to feel like an object, even if all they want is to get laid.
DON’T ask about her sex life or past relationships. If she’s only interested in casual sex, she likely has other partners, or even an ex she isn’t over. This is definitely a question you can regret asking.

DO ask what kind of relationship she’s looking for, especially if the sex was off the charts. A great friend-with-benefits arrangement could happen!
DON’T assume that you will see her again. For some people casual sex means a one-night stand only, so that’s why it’s good to ask what she wants… and doesn’t.

What tips can you recommend for casual hookups? Share in the comments!

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