4 Reasons Why Online Dating is Better

Sure, guys have been getting laid since the dawn of time, but prior to the internet age it was a lot harder for them to make it happen.

Think of dudes from the Victorian era who had to hand out their calling cards and sit through a bunch of chaperoned visits before they could get even a kiss. Thanks to the miracle of online dating, all you have to do is point, click and try not to look like an asshole.

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Just in case my little history lesson hasn’t swayed you…

4 Reasons Why Online Dating Is Better than Conventional Methods

1. You Get a Wider Reach

Rather than limiting yourself to the few number of single women in your area, with online dating you can cast your net a whole lot wider.

Pissed off all the women within a hundred kilometer radius of your home? No problem. Just widen your reach to 125km, and try again!

2. You Can Narrow Your Search

Have you always worried that you’d meet a woman over forty at the bar and fall in love with her? There’s a solution for that! Set your online dating age filter to 25-39 and you’ll never have to worry about that again.

Jokes aside though, search filters are really helpful when it comes to directing the right person your way. They cut down on a lot of wasted time and disappointment, which let’s be honest, are two of the most frustrating aspects of dating.

3. You Can Put It All Out There

The anonymity of online dating allows you to lay it all out there right off the top without fear of being exposed in your everyday life as the loveable pervert you are.

At work you’re Joe Normal, but online you’re CrushMyBalls37. And who would you rather get laid? The version of you who knows how to replace the toner in the new copy machine, or the version that cums buckets from the pain of an expertly placed stiletto heel? Online dating allows you to find your people quickly and easily.

4. You Can Be Shy and Still Get Laid

Well, at least you’ll have a better chance of finding women who want to fuck you. You will still have to figure out a way to talk to them. With any luck, you’ll find a lady who really likes shy guys and can’t wait to bring you out of your shell. Online dating sites offer something for everyone, provided you do your research and use the right one.

As a side note, shy guys have a better chance if they craft a really stellar profile. The effort put in at the beginning will pay off that much more because they’ll have to rely less on their conversational skills to get a response.

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