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10 Mood Killers During Sex

Upset pair of lovers

We all know sex isn’t perfect like the movies would have us believe. It’s more often awkward and funny than smooth and serious. And that’s okay as long as you both have a good time. But… there are things that can and do happen that kill the mood midstream and leave one or both of you unsatisfied. Thankfully, most of these mood killers can be prevented with a little planning and thoughtfulness from you and your hookup.

10 Things that Spoil the Mood

1. Too Much Talk
Asking a lover, during sex, what you should be doing with your life, well, not so hot. Rambling on and on about not “what’s going on” is a real turn off. A little dirty talk? For sure. A laundry list? No.

2. Dirty Place
Making out on stained sheets that reek of sweat, gross! Keep your pad gal friendly and inviting. A little clutter is okay as long as it’s clean.

3. Gadget Addiciton
Turn your phone off when you’re getting it on. And don’t stop during foreplay because you have to check the hockey scores for the bet you made earlier.

4. Bathroom Break
I know, I know, when you gotta go, you gotta go, but try to do this before the passion starts.

5. Lack of Confidence
Self-deprecation about your abilities in bed will only ruin the vibe. Do what you’re good at and watch for her responses. Practice, practice, practice.

6. Eager Beaver
Making a B-line for her sweet spot is so high school. A woman wants foreplay, a slow burning build-up to the best kind of orgasm.

7. Booze Overload
Yes, drinks are often consumed, especially on a first date to help calm nerves and relax. But if you overdo it, your performance and erection may go south, leaving her with a not so good memory.

8. Gas Attack
Ya, ya, we all fart, just don’t do it in the throes of passion even if you know it’s a silent one (these are usually the deadliest.) Excuse yourself and let it out in another room.

9. Pets
I love animals, but sometimes they make sex uncomfortable whether it’s a cat staring your lover down or a dog who wants to squeeze in between you.

10. Too Tired
If one or both of you is low on stamina, it’s not going to be much fun, especially if you pass out right after or during sex (this happens!) Either postpone the fun or have a cuddle nap together and get to it when you’re both refreshed.

Tell me if at least one of these hasn’t happened to you. What else kills the mood?

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