Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall: Sexy Reflections

The mirror is such a mundane, commonplace device that it’s easy to forget about it. But hotter hookups are at your fingertips.

A little looking glass magic goes a long way. You get a closer look at the action, a variety of angles and perspectives at once, and closer looks at anything you’re missing.

How to Use Mirrors for Hotter Sex

Make the Most of the Mist

It is often said, men are visual creatures. Women are also visually aroused, but I think the difference is that we respond initially to more sensual, softer cues than you guys do.

For example, if you are fixing the car or picking out a basketball at the mall, and suddenly saw a gaping butthole, your dick would fence pole against your jeans just like that. If a woman saw a sudden image of a disembodied cock or a splayed vagina without context, she would feel violated and repulsed. Women’s arousal is stoked more slowly.

The trick in a million different situations is always to wait until she’s at peak arousal. It’s no different with mirrors. Use the fog after a shower to enjoy the full-length mirror on the bathroom door while kissing up a storm. You’ll both enjoy the image of sensuously toweling each other off through the soft haze. Let her see your hands on her ass, and amp things up with slow, sultry caresses.

Invest in a Large, Portable Mirror

Mirrored closet doors are perfect when you’re doing it on the floor in front, and a full-length door mirror has its merits, at least for fleeting glimpses of the action. But a huge, portable floor or stand mirror is an essential sex toy. It can be easily set up in the living room, or propped by the bed.

It’s sometimes observed that women are too self-conscious for mirror sex, but I think that’s more to do with what we’ve already addressed: the things that turn men on don’t work the same way on women.

We need to be turned on FIRST. That self-consciousness is a natural protection against foe in the wild, but once I’m revved up, I want it hardcore. The portable mirror allows that flexibility. You can start things cooking, and then change the scenery when she’s ready.

Give Yourselves a Hand

You love to kneel behind so you can watch the penetration close up, but that’s something a woman can hardly see in any position. Even watching in a mirror is difficult to get an eyeful, for her, because naturally you are in the way of the view.

A hand mirror changes that for her. She can angle it to work in most positions. Since this sight is rare, it’s extremely hot for us.

Watch Her Expressions and Moves

It doesn’t have to be either/or—do you see her ass spread open around your cock, or her facial expression while she’s screaming? A mirror in front of you both means you can watch her face AND her backside, and she can see your body and expressions too.

Conversely, you can watch that ass in the mirror when you’re also watching her mouth stuffed full of your cock.

Do you like using mirrors as part of your sexy fun? Please share in the comments!

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