How to Get Over Your Penis Size Fears

Men worry about their penis size. And if your cock really is on the smaller side, the anxiety you have about it can seriously impact your emotional and psychological health.

Here’s how to come to terms with what you’ve got, and to get over it.

How to Free Yourself from Penis Size Fears

Face the facts first.

You can waste your life wishing you were a mythological god with a twenty-inch dick, or accept nature for what it is.

On the other hand, if you’re always worrying, “is it small?” you can find relief by answering the question. What if it is small? It’s not fair, but that is what you’ve got.

Learn about realistic penis-size statistics, averages, and variations. Most men are average. You might want to be the guy with the biggest dick, but you’re not—move on.

Accept that you can’t help what you were born with.

No amount of pumping and ordering creams will change what nature made. It’s not your fault. Better to think more about the things you CAN control.

Your best bet for great sex is working on your personality, passions, fitness, and how you treat women.

Recognize that some men have a micropenis.

If your cock is small, it could be smaller. Lots of guys reading this right now have a micropenis.

This might sound like a term of derision, but it’s actually a medical condition. Due to hormonal abnormalities during pregnancy, some guys are literally cursed in the womb.

The micropenis is like a thimble or a cocktail sausage—it just doesn’t grow much from childhood.

If this is you, consider counselling to turn your anxiety into genuine compassion for yourself, and find the courage to get out there the way you are.

Enjoy sex the way you can.

Having a small penis, or a micropenis, does not mean you have to go without sex—period. But you have to make the decision that something you can’t help isn’t going to stop you, because every human has basic needs for sex and intimacy.

There are lots of guys who have a micropenis or a below-average size dick who have happy lovers, or a wife, and children. Be brave and make it happen.

Find women who don’t care, or who are willing to be creative erotically because they like you or find you attractive.

Ignore women who mock penis size.

You don’t want to go out with someone who doesn’t want you, so don’t waste your time. There are lots of girls who do.

Ignore these heartless hellions when you hear them in rock songs, or at the mall. Walk on by.

Know that it could be worse, if you were gay.

Sure, some women prefer a large cock. But if you were gay, your small dick would be an even bigger issue.

Some studies report that less than one percent of gay men are interested in sex with smaller guys. Most women care more about other things like a sense of humor, kissing, attention, and nice eyes.

Nip your fear of disappointing her in the bud.

The worst fear for some men is the moment you first take out your dick and her response.

At best, she’ll pretend she doesn’t notice. At worst, she’ll gasp and her disappointment will be obvious.

Take charge of this moment, and tell it like it is. Don’t denigrate yourself by grovelling apologies in advance of getting naked, just be candid and practical. “Can we pick up condoms at the shop on King instead of the pharmacy? I’m on the smaller side, and they have the perfect fit.”

If you have a medical condition, you might say so from the get go in your dating profile with other specifics such as “Looking for partners who enjoy lots of oral and lots of love and laughter, as well as experimenting with sex toys.”

Decide to simply live with it.

The only other choice is wasting your life obsessing and feeling sorry for yourself.

Decide that you deserve sex, be honest with your partners and yourself, and be creative about erotic connections.

Explore kinks, dildos, and more as part of your erotic repertoire. Find a woman who likes you as you are. Women have perceived imperfections too. There are lots of matches out there for you!

Don’t be limited by your cock, whatever its size.

Do you worry about the size of your penis? Share in the comments!

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