How to Attract More Women to Your Dating Profile

Are you concerned that your online dating profile isn’t generating enough interest? Do you hear crickets when you click on that who’s-viewed-me button?

It sucks to be overlooked, especially when you know what you’ve got to offer: you’re a laid back guy who wants a nice girl to hang with; or you’re an adventurer, looking for a partner in crime. No matter what you seek, you won’t find it unless you make your profile more appealing.

Update Your Picture

Your profile pic is the first thing she’ll see, and the one thing she’ll compare you to when you actually meet, so choose a shot that represents who you are now. Don’t rely on that one dating-site selfie you took ten years ago. While it might highlight your abs in spectacular fashion, it won’t do you any good if those abs are now hidden beneath ten years’ worth of flab.

Don’t worry if you don’t look as hot as you once did. Own what you’ve got and project confidence by showing the real you. If you’ve been on the site even for just a few weeks, it’s a good idea to change up your pic. Women who search the site regularly will notice if your same old pic keeps popping up.

Be Thorough when Filling Out Your Profile

Although your picture is important, it’s not the only thing that will determine if she wants to meet you. For a lot of women, the written part of your profile provides more guidance when it comes to making that decision. Don’t get lazy, or think you can get by with the shortest bio possible. If you don’t want to reveal too much about yourself, use that space to describe the kinds of things you want to do with your date.

If you’re only looking for sex, it’s fine to say that. You can even get a bit explicit if you want, as long as you don’t cross the line to being lewd or disrespectful. You want to be honest, but you don’t want to come across as a creepy or threatening douche bag.

Include Some Light Humor

One way to keep your profile non-threatening is to sprinkle in some light-hearted jokes. Go with something silly, or a little self-deprecating. Basically, show that you don’t take yourself too seriously.

Profiles that are too heavily geared toward getting laid are off putting. I think that’s because most of us want to have fun on a date, both in and outside the bedroom. We want to look forward to the possibility of what’s to come, and if you spell out your needs in super-serious terms on your profile, the date might end up feeling more like a job interview.

Be Kind and Open to Possibilities

As mentioned, don’t make a prospective date wonder if you’ll interrogate her, or check off a list of requirements in your head over dinner. Avoid listing the traits of your “ideal woman” or declaring your aversion to certain body types. If you want more women to check out your profile and agree to meet with you, it’s best to be positive and inclusive.

Most sites have sections to list details about your appearance, and set filters for what you’re willing to accept. If you’re really stuck on dating women with a certain build, adjust your settings accordingly. There’s no need to body shame people in your profile. I guarantee that kindness will attract more women than a declaration of “No fatties!”

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