Escorts: The Truth about Paying for Sex

Hooking Up with Escorts

I’ll never forget what a friend once said about the philosophy behind hiring an escort: “No one pays a hooker for sex. You pay a hooker so she’ll get the fuck out after the sex is over.” Harsh words, but pretty much true.

We hear stories of men who develop “meaningful” relationships with escorts—relationships that dish-out whatever is “missing at home”. Maybe an escort even makes you feel like the lover you always knew you were (…ahem, ahem…ya, whatever you say…).

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However an escort makes you feel (btw—by “escort”, I don’t mean “crackwhore”; I hardly think there’s any point of contention on the motives of a crackwhore), here is what you need to know for certain:

  1. If you weren’t paying for it, there wouldn’t be any relationship with her, “meaningful” or otherwise.

And, just so we’re clear:

  1. If you weren’t paying for it, there wouldn’t be any relationship with her, “meaningful” or otherwise.

My friend’s statement at the top of this post is loaded in favor of the client; but the more bitter subtext reveals the opposite: kicking her out when you’re done may make you feel empowered, but she was already planning on leaving anyway. Your money only goes so far. Usually about an hour.

I have no moral argument against escorts or those who hire them. I assure you, I don’t, I promise. Go nuts, have fun. But I won’t allow myself to get swept-up in the delusion of “meaningfulness”. And that includes thinking that I’m an awesome lover because my escort told me so.

I can’t pay for sex because I can’t think of anything more deflating to my sexual ego. I can’t be with a woman who wouldn’t otherwise give me the time of day unless she’s on-the-clock. I’d rather go without than subject myself to such a “performance”. How can I be halfway through a shag and listen to “Oooooothatfeelssogood!” knowing fully-well she’s using one of her “standards”? If I want my ego deflated that badly, I’ll play sports. At least it won’t cost me anything.

Should you choose to hire escorts, here’s the best thing you can do to protect yourself (besides double-bagging your cock, that is), keep your head and your heart outside the room. Cum, and, like my friend suggests, get her the fuck outta there asap.

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