Dating Resolutions for More Sex in 2018

Wondering how to have a more active sex life in the new year? Unless you’re in a serious relationship with a sexual dynamo, it can be hard to get laid as much as you’d like or fantasize about.

Let’s see what you can do about that. Here are my recommended resolutions that will lead to more happy endings.

Join More than One Dating Site

If you’ve already been using online dating to meet women, you’ve probably realized that it isn’t as easy as one two three. Join a popular mainstream site, but also a niche site that caters to your particular interests, whether that be for kinky encounters or for group sex adventures.

Refresh Your Dating Profile

So many men keep the same profile from year to year, and yes, women do notice! A static profile reeks of laziness and complacency. Did you travel somewhere last year? Did you develop a skill, or become passionate about something new? Please update your profile, and pictures, on the regular.

Craft Better First Messages

If you’re someone who uses form-letter messages or think “Hi, how was your weekend?” is going to get you anywhere, think again. It’s not the best looking or most intelligent guys who have dates every week, it’s the men who are reading women’s entire profiles and then putting the effort into writing personalized messages.

Build Your Dating Confidence

Women swoon for confident men, and the best way to build dating confidence, if you’re shy or plagued by anxiety, is to practice. Don’t wait for a woman’s profile that meets every last one of your ideal woman’s criterion before you message. Go against type, respond to women who message you first, and keep your expectations low.

Plan Creative Dates

I’d say ninety percent of the dates men suggest involve meeting for coffee or drinks—boring! Your first date (which you should be planning, not leaving it up to the woman) is part of your first impression. It doesn’t have to be outrageous or expensive, just something a little different or geared towards her interests.

Now you might think, there’s nothing here about actual sex, and you’re right. Women need to be wooed a little to even consider sleeping with you, and that wooing happens in back-and-forth dialogue before you meet and on a first date.

Even women only interested in casual hookups are going to be choosy about who they pick, so use these tips if you want more sex in 2018.

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