Dating Profile Checklist

If you’re joining a dating site for the first time, you probably feel a little overwhelmed about creating a dating profile. Most sites will have prompts (subheadings) like Self-Summary, Things I’m Good At, Favorite Activities, What I’m Looking For, etc. which help, but it can still be challenging to write a profile that describes the real you.

As a single lady, I’ve been browsing, reading, and chatting a lot with men online these last few months. Many people just send a message based on a person’s picture without even clicking on their profile, which is okay, but I do recommend reading profiles before engaging because you’ll have a chance to glean enough information to either feel you have things in common and that you can talk about, or you’ll see red flags that save you both time and energy.

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You might be hot and great at online flirting, but a crappy profile will sink you every time. So here’s a quick checklist that you can use to make sure your profile is the best it can be.

Is Your Profile the Best it Can Be?

Did you fill out all the sections? It’s important to create a full-bodied profile, otherwise you come across as lazy, semi-interested in meeting women, or that you have something to hide.

Do you have a broad range of pictures? One fuzzy pic of you wearing sunglasses isn’t going to cut it. Choose at least four or five photos, a couple close-ups, and please smile in your cover photo.

Did you add a little humor? A woman wants a man who can make her laugh, so it’s nice if you can share your funny in your profile. Just remember not to make everything a joke with a winky face added… that’s just a turn off.

Are you clear about what you want? If you just want casual sex, put that out there. Looking for a long-term partner, share that information. Online dating isn’t easy, so why make it harder for yourself and others?

Are you sending a positive message? Some men include information on horrible ex-girlfriends or a list of things they don’t want in a partner. These types of profiles make women cringe and give off an arrogant, dominating vibe.

Did you include all pertinent information? Again, this is about saving everyone time. Here’s some examples: you have kids that live with you part-time, you have pet allergies, you live with your parents, you have a medical condition, you’re into bdsm, you travel a lot. You don’t need to write a book, but include things that may be deal breakers for yourself or others.

Did you proofread your profile? May sound silly, but a profile full of grammar and spelling mistakes will stop you from meeting a lot of potential partners. If writing isn’t your strong suit, ask a buddy for help. Also, a close friend will let you know if your profile sounds like you, and if you’ve left out any of your awesome qualities.

Readers, what other tips can you share when it comes to writing profiles?

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