Can You Hook Up without a Sense of Humor?

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone insist when looking for a potential hookup, “No sense of humor preferred.”

We usually know enough not to be so openly shallow as to demand “must be good looking.” But when it comes to having a sense of humor, you better believe it tops the list.

But is that a realistic expectation? Is it fair? And what does it even mean?

– Do we want our hookups to be funny?

– Do we want our hookups to know funny?

– And… funny according to whom?

Who knows. Personally, I think “must have sense of humor” means people expect hookups to:

  1. entertain them
  2. have the same sense of humor as their own

Here’s the thing:

Like beauty, humor is subjective. Surely it would be more appropriate to expect, “must have the same of humor as me.” But how on earth could anyone (yourself included) determine such a thing from a profile?

Or: You insist on sense of humor only to have your inbox inundated with potential hookups trying to be funny…which can get a little embarrassing.

Or: You might think you’re funny, but what if no one else does? You could be one of those people who thinks they’re making everyone laugh, but really you’re just driving other people crazy.

Why not leave it out of your profile completely? If you really are funny, it’ll shine through in your well-written profile. Others will see it, and they’ll either:

  • be encouraged to meet the challenge
  • steer clear of you
  • or not notice at all, and hit you up for some non-funny-related-whatever within your profile that caught their attention

Cuz wouldn’t “sense of humor” — that mighty #1 on everyone’s list — fall by the wayside if you met someone who had so much to offer in every other respect, with the exception of not having a funny bone in their body? As opposed to someone who was hilarious, but also a complete arsehole?

If only we could have it all.


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