Can Long-Distance Relationships Work?

Long-distance relationships have a bad reputation, but pessimism and negativity may be what dooms them to failure!

There are obvious situations where a long-distance relationship might be very stressful or not work. But even in those scenarios, people with a certain attitude and determination can make it happen. However, it would be very tough, for example, if newlyweds just had twins and now the wife is heading overseas for a three-year stint in the armed services. Or maybe you meet a woman while on vacation that you want to be with, but her entire family doesn’t want her to leave and you can’t see yourself moving either.

That said, long-distance love can be exciting and passionate. Here are some suggestions when considering a long-distance love affair.

How to Make a Long-Distance Relationships Work

Enjoy quality over quantity.

Couples or lovers who keep a flame alive over the miles value quality time over lots of it. By accepting that everyday life won’t be shared in the same way it would if you were together all the time, you can both make the most of the time you have.

This is a bonus for many because you actually get to skip the mundane matters that can really stress a relationship. When time together is rare, it is more valuable and you don’t take each other for granted the way couples who do everything together sometimes do.

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Long-distance relationships can work great if you are polyamorous.

One of the advantages to polyamory is that there is no need to cut someone off as a lover just because you can’t be with them right now. Poly lovers can have relationships or flings closer to home, and continue to love partners who are far away.

A long-distance relationship works great for independent spirits.

A lot of couples complain that one partner doesn’t have the time they need or give them the attention they desire. If you’re that busy person, it may seem hard to “settle down” because it always seems as if you’re choosing the night shift or studying over your lover. On the other hand, you would like to have someone who gets to know you more intimately instead of just dates you see once and never talk to about deep, personal matters.

If your idea of intimacy is occasionally connecting in person and quality conversation now and again that builds slowly over time, rather than full-throttle five nights a week or moving in together, long distance with another busy or independent soul can be a solution to the stress rather than the source of stress.

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Long-distance love is passionate love.

Everyday life can destroy the erotic pretty quickly. Couples who started off wildly passionate and doing it in every room of the house can barely stand kissing after a while. Dirty dishes, car breakdowns, and seeing each other in bad moods is a buzzkill. Sure, as adults we know life isn’t all roses and silk thongs—but when you watch your partner flossing every day or have to nag each other over chores, it can really take away from the good stuff.

But, if you barely get enough of each other, the hype of new-relationship hormones comes back every time you get together, and can sustain you in between visits. Long-distance passion can take commitment and planning, but there are rewards in intensity and independence.

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Are you in a long-distance relationship? Please share your tips in the comments!

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