6 Benefits of Dating from a Distance

There are many reasons people are waiting to meet potential lovers or partners in person at this moment in time. Some of these reasons are beyond our control and can be frustrating for lonely individuals craving human contact.

When faced with any kind of adversity, I like to look at the positive aspects however minute they may be. Finding a silver lining or two is a way of coping and moving through the tough times of life, until they pass or become less than.

Whether you’ve been online dating for years, or just getting started, here are some benefits to keeping it online… at least for now, not always.

6 Benefits of Dating from a Distance

1. You can “date” several women and not feel like you’re two-timing.

This has always been a boon for online dating, but it especially works well when you are having contactless dates. Online dating can be a wonderful place to meet serious, romantic, and life partners, but for many, it’s the number one spot to meet others for hookups and no-strings arrangements.

I always recommend not putting all your eggs in one dating basket—learned repeatedly through experience! Take your time to browse and don’t feel guilty about chatting and dating with more than one woman at a time.

2. You get to know someone slowly and safely.

It’s easy to fall head over heels with a beautiful woman online you haven’t met—from afar you are able to conjure up what your fantasies entail.

What waiting to meet can do is give you the time to get to know her better, to ask more questions, to have more conversations to see if your values and outlooks on life mesh. Even for casual connections, this matters to most women.

3. You’ll have more opportunities to spot red flags.

As someone who has become infatuated prematurely, I know that having more online interactions helps to spot possible reasons that meeting in person isn’t a good idea after all.

It may take a couple of weeks for her to say she hates anyone touching her feet, and there goes your foot fetish fantasies. Or maybe she’s married and in an open relationship, but you can’t stand the idea of sharing. Time spent communicating before meeting can save you both unnecessary disappointment.

4. You build anticipation.

Couples in long-distance relationships, or who don’t live together, know the power of time apart. There is a lot of excitement in waiting to meet, especially for the first time! If you have the chemistry to sustain yourselves for a delayed first date, the results can be explosive—sex or no sex.

5. Your digital dates will be creative and unique.

When your dates are exclusively online, you will begin to think up ways to make your digital dates more creative than typing messages back and forth.

If you’re both feeling a connection, you’ll likely progress to video chats through the dating site itself or other social media platforms. Maybe you’ll plan a nice dinner apart, but together. Or you’ll play a game online together, or take a virtual tour of a world famous museum. Plan something unique that will connect you while taking her interests into consideration.

6. You have more time to focus on you.

When you’re not out meeting dates at coffee shops, in the park, or at bars, you have more time to yourself. Use that time to pursue your passions. This might include online courses at your local college or university, outdoor yoga or cross-country skiing. Maybe it’s starting a business or home renovations.

It’s okay to watch some Netflix and chill alone sometimes, but having an active life with interests is interesting to the women you meet online.

Are you dating from a distance now? What tips would you offer?

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