Blue Balls and How to Deal

I used to wonder if blue balls were a real thing. I kind of thought that they were a conspiracy, designed to elicit pity and a blow job. Then I looked into it, and my bad—I was wrong.

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Blue balls are a legitimate phenomenon, as I’m sure you can confirm. So what can you do to ease the discomfort and blue testicular tint that gives blue balls their name?


Maybe this an obvious fix, but it’s the best one. Blue balls happen because blood has flooded your junk in preparation of the sex that didn’t occur.

Why not finish things off yourself in the privacy of your own home? It beats trying to coerce your date into doing something she’d rather not, or suffering the discomfort. Take responsibility for your own body and the satisfaction of its needs.

Distract Yourself

Getting aroused very quickly can lead to blue balls, so it just makes sense that getting unaroused will help them go away. Try to focus on unsexy things.

Don’t think about all the hot things that didn’t go down because that will make it way worse. Figure out the kind of imagery that works for you.

Control Your Desires

Try not to give in to your every desire to cum. Maybe watch less porn so that you can get used to the feeling of delayed gratification. Try ridding yourself of some excess sexual energy by playing sports or meditating. There are lots of ways to rid your body of tension. Any one of those things will help prevent blue balls.

Accept It Happens Sometimes

So blue balls are a bit uncomfortable? Is that really the end of the world? They do go away in time and they don’t cause any kind of permanent damage to your anatomy.

If you can just accept that they are part of your experience as a man, you might find that they don’t bother your as much.

Have Lots of Sex

Yep, that’s an option. Depending on the voraciousness of your sex drive, however, you might have to have several non-exclusive relationships. Sounds awful, right? My point is that it’s not realistic to expect your girlfriend to always be willing to soothe or prevent your blue balls.

If you choose this option, though, everybody needs to be on the same page.

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