How to Find Bisexual Hookups

Do you love hooking up with bisexual women because the idea of it turns you on? Maybe you like the possibility that she’ll share her fantasies or adventures with you in dirty talk, porn viewing, or even threesomes.

Maybe you’re hoping to meet bisexual guys for the occasional hot and horny guy-on-guy hookup.

That’s great, but where can you find these bisexual hookups?

Here’s what you need to know in order to meet bisexual women or men.

How to Find a Bisexual Hookup

1. Remember that bi people are not hiding.

Here’s the thing—bisexual people are everywhere.

They always have been, but today more people, especially millennials, identify as bisexual than ever before.

So you can meet bisexuals everywhere you go!

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2. Use bisexual hookup and dating sites.

If you’re looking to get laid tonight, or this weekend, your best bet is a bisexual dating site that caters to casual sex.

Some bisexual sites are intended FOR bisexual people, so if you aren’t, find bisexual hookups on casual encounter apps that are more general. Some bisexual apps are for FINDING bisexuals, however.

See our favorite bi dating sites here:

Where to Find Bisexual Women & Couples

Make it clear that you want to meet bisexual women, or are open to meeting bisexual women, or that you are looking for flings with bisexual men, or threesome hookups with open-minded bi people—whatever the case may be.

Most casual sex dating sites also will be appropriate places to look for bisexual hookups simply because users can freely state their preferences, fantasies, and experiences, and you’ll be able to chat about what you want from each other.

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You can always let women know you love hearing about their adventures with women or just openly acknowledge you find bisexual women especially hot.

Express openly that one of your turn-ons is bisexual women, or talking dirty about fantasies with two women, and ask if she’s open to that sort of thing— whatever the case may be, whatever your fantasy, someone is open to it or looking for that, too.

You could also visit profiles of those who identify as bisexual on the hookup site, and message those folks to see if you click. You can also check whether she’s into FFM threesomes or if she mentions dating women.

3. Keep your eyes open on campus.

College campuses are especially fertile ground for people who identify as bisexual, many of them at a stage where they want to experiment and explore their sexuality. If you are of college age, hang around on campus! (If you’re older, no offense, but it would be creepy if you hung out on campus just hoping to meet horny bisexual co-eds.

Take a few courses if you’re not already enrolled. Join campus groups, including bisexual ones. Attend protests on interests and causes that concern you. Hang out in campus coffee shops and at pub nights. From the chess club to the campus newspaper, bisexuals are mingling and making hookup plans!


4. Be open to the possibilities all around.

Bisexual women (and dudes) looking for hookups are at the supermarket, the bar, softball practice, yoga class, charity drives—everywhere.

Even if people are on the lookout for hookups, generally speaking, they aren’t looking for hookups right then and there, behind the grocery store after they pay for their bananas and goat cheese.

So don’t act pervy when you’re checking people out. The idea is to keep your eyes open whenever you meet people naturally, because they are a potential bisexual and a potential hookup. Otherwise you are limiting yourself when you are actually surrounded by horny bisexuals.

However, you don’t want to proposition someone in the middle of their audition or errand for their grandmother. If you’re looking for bisexual guys, the last thing you want is to read things wrong and take a punch in the face while you’re in line at the bank.

But keep in mind that every gym in North America is a meet and greet for all dude action. If you’re at the gym, start paying attention and reading the signs. If you’re not experienced with cruising, better to let bisexual guys find you than to hit on them. But find you they will, if you just start signaling that you’re open to them.

5. Join bisexual groups on social media.

If you’re bisexual yourself, it’s totally fine to join bisexual groups on Facebook and alike to meet other bisexual people. Since these are social groups or common interest groups (e.g., bisexual birdwatchers), it’s not cool to use them as if they are hookup apps.

And if you’re a straight guy with no connection to the bisexual community except that you also find women hot, this isn’t your best option.

But if you’re bi and want to meet more bi people, these are terrific places to find like-minded individuals to chat with. Bisexual people socialize—depending what group you join, it could be general or something specific like Thai cuisine or Saturday birding meetups to stalk purple puffed warblers.

But bisexual people also have sex and if you’re not in a hurry, such groups lead to lasting friendships and spark many relationships and casual encounters.

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Where have you met bisexual women? Please share in the comments!

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