How to Date a Bisexual Woman

Dating women who also love women can be very exciting for a man. For some of you, it might also be a little intimidating. It’s heaven just to be in proximity with a girl who has been naked with other girls, to imagine what she’s thinking. But maybe you can’t help but wonder how you measure up, as a male.

If you’ve enjoyed dating bisexual women in the past, you might hope your next lover is just as sensual and adventurous. If you’ve never gone out with a woman who goes both ways, you might dream of hitting the jackpot and living your erotic fantasies with a sexy bisexual. Where do you meet her? What should you expect? How should you act? How can you attract a woman like that?

What to Know about Dating a Bisexual Woman

Bisexual women are looking for men.

At the risk of stating the obvious, bisexual women are bisexual.

The fact that we love ladies is not a preference over men. Women who want to date women exclusively are not writing online dating profiles looking for guys, or responding to them. A lesbian woman who works with you at the clinic or the warehouse will politely decline if you ask her out. You don’t have to wonder if she enjoys sex with men.

If she dates men and women, or calls herself bisexual, in the vast majority of cases, this reflects her obvious preference for both men and women. So yes, if she’s looking for a man for sex or love, she really is looking for a man.

For dating sites that make it easy to connect with bisexual women, see our article: Find Bisexual Women & Couples for Threesomes: Bi Dating Sites.

Don’t expect her private fantasy or sex life to have anything to do with you.

On the other hand, just because a woman is bisexual doesn’t mean she wants to have sex with you and Emma Watson at the same time. She may or may not be interested in sharing her girl-on-girl action fantasies. Her attraction to other women is about her, not about you, so don’t fetishize her and and don’t expect to take part in it.

If you’re looking specifically for an FFM threesome, or to hear some erotic girl-on-girl fantasies, or to watch two women, then be up front about what you’re looking for and find a girl who shares that desire.

Consider the polyamory lifestyle.

If you’re not already polyamorous, consider looking for an open relationship. Polyamory has many expressions, and lots of couples have a bisexual clause—in other words, you might be a couple, but leave her free to date other women if she wants to. A woman who is bisexual might value her freedom and appreciate not being constrained in her erotic expressions.

Don’t assume every bisexual woman wants to date a lot of people at once.

Some do, and some don’t. Serial monogamy or finding the right one might be more important to her—it’s all a matter of individual taste and what she’s looking for. And it’s also about what you are looking for.

If you’re looking for your one and only, don’t compromise that either. And if you’re looking for experimentation and adventure, don’t settle down right now. That said, poly dating can be a great solution for women who are bisexual and the men who date them.

Learn more about the poly lifestyle at our sister blog, Polyamory Today.

Do you date bisexual women? What can you share from your experiences?

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