5 Reasons for Men to Hook Up with Bi Women

You might not know it, but if you’re dating a bisexual woman, you’ve struck gold. There are lots of reasons that bi-babes are heaven in a little black dress.

5 Reasons to Hookup with Bi Woman

1. Bi Women Can Appreciate Male Lust without Judgement

Here’s the thing—when we sleep with you guys, AND love women, we get the best of both worlds. We aren’t going to misinterpret or condemn how horny you get from women because we get to sleep with you and reap the benefit, but also experience that lust and have some understanding of it.

2. You Can Watch Babes Together

I love babe watching as foreplay when I’m having casual sex. Why not? The point to hooking up is to have raunchy, horny, hot fuckfests, and get as crazy as possible. I like to drive you wild as I sip my wine and point at other women in the club, and talk about what we want to do with them.

3. Bisexuals Can Be more Open to Dirty Talk

Since I want pussy too, it’s easier for me to include the kind of words you want to hear when whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

4. You Can Worry Less about Jealousy

Since I feel your attraction to other women, it doesn’t have to threaten me as much as it might if I didn’t experience some if it too. A woman wants you to look at her and not at everyone else—so don’t be a douche, and pay attention to your date and not to future possibilities.

That said, with casual dating apps and hookup sites, lots of women aren’t looking for love, just sex. And that sex can be a lot hotter if my naturally possessive feelings aren’t getting in the way. Your attractions to other women can actually make me hornier because I want her too.

5. Bi Women are more Open to FFM Threesomes

Women who have zero attraction to other women’s bodies might be begging you for an MMF (something I also adore!) when what you want is to watch double the breasts and to see girls going down on each other.

Since I want bisexual hookups sometimes, there’s a chance that I might want to be with a woman at the same time that I’m with you. It happens!

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