6 Things to Leave Out of Your Dating Profile

As a woman who has read thousands of online dating profiles, let’s just say I’ve seen a lot. I’ve also talked to many girlfriends about men’s profiles, and there is a consensus that some things are better left unwritten.

6 Things to Leave off Your Online Dating Profile

  1. Dick pics and bathroom selfies. We’ve written from many a perspective on the almighty dick pic here at Hookup Land if you want some varying thoughts on the subject, but suffice it to say, it’s usually not a good idea to lead with your dick. The topless bathroom selfie is another one that just makes a woman sigh… in the wrong way.
  2. References to past relationships. It is perfectly okay to mention that you’re separated or divorced or coming out of a long-term relationship because those things matter to a woman, but keep any ex-lover talk to future moments of intimacy when she asks about your exes.
  3. What you’re NOT looking for. Some men feel the need to include a laundry list of traits they won’t stand for or accept. Listen up: we all have our deal breakers, but naming them in your profile just makes you look angry and bitter from being with women who did possess these. Negativity attracts negativity, so keep your profile positive and light.
  4. Sexual kinks and fetishes. Unless you’re on a niche dating site like BDSMdate.com, I don’t recommend writing about your insatiable need to tie a woman up or shove a giant dildo up her ass. Common kinks like foot fetishes and erotic massage are okay. Truth is, most of us have fantasies and fetishes, and we will share them as we get to know someone.
  5. Each and every accomplishment. It’s important to toot your horn a little, but it’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Instead of thinking what might impress a woman most, think about what you’re most proud of. Write specifically about your inner workings that are unique to you.
  6. Corny jokes and self-deprecation. While it’s a good idea to add some humor to your online profile, many men turn the entire page into a comic’s wet dream. Women need to get a sense of the real you before they entertain the idea of meeting in person. Joke after joke is tiresome and looks like a cover for something you’re trying to hide about yourself. Be genuine.

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