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4 Tips to Attract Women to Your Online Dating Profile

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After taking a break from online dating, I logged back into my dating sites to browse for possible prospects. Alas, I see the same profile mistakes that turn me off (and most women!) time and time again.

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I call them mistakes, but they are really minor issues that can easily be fixed to bring more clicks, likes, and messages from women which will lead to more dates and hookups. Sometimes I just want to scream from the skyscraper, “C’mon guys, get it together.”

4 Tips for a Better Online Dating Profile

1. Choose the right photos. Women have a different visual aesthetic than men. A photo you might think is funny could be a real turn off. And it’s shocking to most of us to still see men using bathroom selfies on dating sites—yuck and yuck. Close-ups, smiles, and natural settings are all good places to start.

2. Express yourself. Don’t try to fit in with the crowd when it comes to creating a great profile. You need to be unique enough to stand out amongst thousands. What makes you you? Be sure to share your passions and interests, although maybe save your freaky fetishes for the bedroom.

3. Write clear and concise. Fill out an entire profile, but don’t give your life story. You don’t need to be a professional to write an enticing profile. Write a draft and revise until it really sings who you are. If you can’t spell worth beans, then ask a friend who can, because typos and bad spelling do turn away a lot of the ladies.

4. Share what you’re looking for. This one is tricky because you don’t want to alienate women who think you only have a specific type. It’s more about sharing the kind of relationship you want. If you only want casual relationships, say so. If you’re looking for long-term love, don’t be afraid to say so. It’s such a waste of time for both parties, otherwise.

If you’re still struggling with writing a profile or attracting women to it, take the time to browse through the hundreds of posts here on Hookup Land that offer practical tips and how-to’s for dating and hookups. Then share your success stories in the comments!

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