Checklist for a Better Online Dating Profile

Are you frustrated with your lack of online dating success? Do you send out a ton of messages, only to be met with silence, or (on the rare occasion) some kind of short, perfunctory response?

You might be tempted to conclude that the internet is chock-full of snooty bitches who want nothing more than to make you suffer, but in all seriousness, it’s way more likely that your profile sucks.

It’s something I’ve experienced far too often in my years as an online dater—half-assed messages from guys with, how shall I say this… less than stellar profiles. It’s time for us to change all that.

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Your profile is the first thing that your prospective date will ever know about you. It’s her first impression of you as a man! Why not put a little more effort into making it great? Here’s a checklist that can help you.

What to Include in a High Quality Dating Profile

A Variety of Positive Pics

Try not to do the whole, brooding selfie thing that so many guys fall back on. It’s really not as sexy as you think. Include some pictures of yourself having fun! If you’re an artistic guy, show us your creative process. If you’re into sports, show us an action shot. Show us something that you love about this world, because that’s the thing we’ll look forward to sharing with you.

A Complete Description of Yourself

Women want to know your story, not just what you look like. You could have the best pictures ever, but if you crap out on your bio and what you’re looking for, you won’t hold anyone’s interest for long. When I see a guy I’m attracted to online, I go through his profile very carefully to see if our stories are compatible. Do we want similar things? Could I see us getting along? If he can’t be bothered to fill things out, I pretty much write him off.

No Angry or Defensive Statements

I’ve mentioned this before, but it won’t do you any good to come out swinging on your profile. Declarations like, “No drama,” “No crazies” or “Real women only” should NEVER make their way into your bio. You might be frustrated and angry, but all you’re going to attract with words like that is negativity. Lots of women view that kind of anger as a red flag, and you will only continue to be frustrated as a result.

Authentic and Original Content

Show us who you really are. Try to avoid typecasting yourself with descriptions like “nice guy” or “laid back.” Focus more on the specific things you’re doing with your life, or the things you’re passionate about. Be honest and brave about sharing what makes you an individual. The ladies want to know!

Spelling and Grammar Check

It’s such a shame to see a profile that’s great in so many ways, except for that glaring error in the byline. “Your Just Who I’m Looking For.” (Great. Where is he? I don’t see him here.) Geek humor aside, please be sure to proofread your profile! Have a friend do it for you! Put that little bit of extra effort in and you might be surprised by the results.

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