4 Things to Look for in a Woman’s Dating Profile

We all know the first thing you’re likely to notice about a woman’s online dating profile is her picture. Beyond that, what should you pay attention to when choosing someone to message?

While you might want to watch for signs of things like cult recruitment, or black-market organ harvesting, I’m going to leave those hot topics for another day and present to you with this checklist that will help you gain the valuable information you need to find your best match.

4 Things to Look for in Her Profile

1. A Tone that Compliments What You’re Seeking

Is she flirty or shy? Is she looking for something serious, or does she want a one-night stand? Tone really just refers to the kind of words she uses, or the things she chooses to highlight about herself, so be on the lookout for details that stand out to you—such as shared interests, or language that makes you hard.

It’s important to look deeper than a woman’s profile picture when deciding whether or not you will reach out to her. Sure, it takes a bit more effort and some degree of thoughtfulness to dig deeper than the physical, but it pays off in terms of finding a quality match.

2. Details about Her Ideal Match

Remember that even if she checks off all your boxes, there’s no guarantee that you’ll do the same for her. Does she mention a particular “type” of guy she’s in to? What about specific sexual preferences, or things she’s looking to try in bed? Not all women are explicit or straightforward in their wording—you might have to read into things a bit—but you can usually find a few clues in her profile that hint at what she wants.

That said, you know what assumptions do, right? It’s always best to message a bit and get confirmation directly from her about what she wants before drawing any final conclusions.

3. Deal Breakers

Some deal breakers aren’t easily expressed in words. At times they might even take your date by surprise, like maybe she’s a little sheltered, didn’t expect to attract someone quite so kinky, and now has no other desire but to hand back the champagne flute full of your piss, put her pants back on, and get the hell outta there.

Any deal breakers she has listed—take them seriously. Don’t think that maybe you can change her mind by offering up some shitty, horn-dog version of exposure therapy. She doesn’t owe you anything. On the flip side, be aware of your own list of deal-breakers when choosing to meet. She’s hot and she’s into you, but she may also be married, or a Trump supporter, or looking to educate you on the word of Jesus Christ. Read those profiles carefully, people!

4. A Test Question

It’s a sad that some men don’t heed my advice, and either employ a shotgun approach or message women based solely on their looks. That’s why some of us include questions in our profiles that tells us whether or not you’re paying attention. I started doing this because I have a disability and was sick of wasting my time on guys who bailed as soon as it came up in conversation. (I had mentioned it in my profile, and yet it came as a total shock to many!)

If she has included a question, be sure to answer it in the very first message you send to her, otherwise you might automatically end up in her not-worth-my time pile.

What do you look for in women’s online dating profiles?

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