4 Things She Might Not Share in Her Dating Profile

Some women write dating profiles that read like super-detailed autobiographies. Others choose a more minimalist approach, but does this mean they have something to hide? Not necessarily. They might have simply learned to be careful when it comes to revealing certain things about themselves to strange men on the internet.

4 Things She May Not Share in Her Dating Profile and Why

1. What She Wants in Bed

Unless she’s confident about her sexuality and knows exactly what she wants, don’t expect her to put it all out there. Many women like to keep some things a mystery, at least until you show enough interest, or put in enough effort to discover what she’s into. Start messaging and just feel it out. Even if she has stated her desire for a casual hookup, be patient and don’t push the sex talk.

I don’t feel comfortable opening up about any of that until I’ve met someone in person or, at the very least, had a good phone or Skype chat. Even then, it could take a couple of dates for me to be sure I want to make myself sexually available.

What She Does for a Living

For some people, work is private. Maybe she does something high profile that would reveal her identity if she mentioned it, so she doesn’t want to risk it? Also, for some women, the topic of money is a loaded one. If she doesn’t have any, does that make her a gold digger? If she has too much, is she a possible meal ticket?

I would never tell someone who I was casually hooking up with that I was a sex and relationship blogger. I did once, and it was not worth the trouble. This guy read all my posts and drew a bunch of conclusions about my dating history and preferences. Then he kept asking if I was going to write about him. Oops… I guess I just did!

What She’s Looking for in a Man

Like her preferences between the sheets, she might wish to keep thoughts of her ideal relationship to herself, at least until you get to spend some real time together. I’m not saying that all men do this, but I’ve definitely met a few who acted how I wanted them to act… until they got what they wanted.

If she’s been hurt a few times, she might have learned to keep this sensitive info close to the chest. Maybe you’ve learned that too? Of course, she just might not know what she’s looking for. Not everything has some deep-rooted meaning behind it. The take away here is that if you ask her what she wants and she’s not forthcoming, don’t push the issue.

Her Living Situation

If she’s only looking for some casual NSA fun, she might not think it’s your business that she has a kid, or that she’s in the middle of a messy divorce, or that has ten cats and lives at home with her mother. Unless she’s married, her living situation has nothing to do with you.

I live alone, but this is not something I typically divulge right away. For safety reasons, I choose not to give too much away until I get to know someone better. If you’ve gone out, even a few times, and she still doesn’t want you to drive her home, don’t be offended. It’s her right to feel safe and keep certain things to herself.

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