Impress a Woman with Your Outside-the-Bedroom Skills

Ya-ya-ya, you have an awesome cock, you know how to use it, you can make her cum a bazillion times in a session, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah. What else ya got?

Don’t get me wrong: being a great lover is always a list-topper, but if you wanna rise above every other mutt chasing her down, you better dig deeper into your bag of tricks.

Are you a good cook? Prove it. Gusto in the kitchen isn’t only competition for great sex, it’s also an aphrodisiac. (If you’ve never cooked, try and learn how. If you suck, then don’t bother: she’ll only complain about it, or laugh at you behind your back.)

Choosing the right wine for the right meal is a fine art that should be utilized at all costs. Even if it’s all-just-booze to her.

Never waste a chance to flaunt your second (or 3rd, or 4th) language. It’s handy, and gives her the impression your brain is slightly bigger than it really is. (If you know Latin, then, boom, there’s some bedroom crossover.) Foreign languages can sound very musical—which leads me to…

Being “into music” is always a lame lure. But being able to play music—guitar, piano, whatever—is undoubtedly a panty-moistener. Especially if you can sing. Crooners score.

Hopefully your shelves are lined with books, especially if they’re books you’ve actually read. Reading in itself not only impresses, but quoting literature and poetry can be very romantic! (Although I suggest you steer clear of anything Game of Thrones-y. And limericks.)

For some reason, being a Jeopardy whiz ups your street cred. Never really understood why, but it does. Don’t hesitate to shout at the TV screen.

Dressing fashionably is always duly-noted. But if you can also tap into what’s hot on the women’s racks? and are happy to shop with her? for her clothes? Say hello to blowjob heaven.

Now—time-out. Let’s not confuse this list with any of the stereotypical (and dare I say sexist…?) skills she expects of you:

using tools; fixing everything and anything that might break down—from a car engine to a modem; reading maps and/or knowing directions; parallel parking; etc.

All that “guy stuff”. Keep those things off your “I know how to impress her” list.

Oh, and, one more thing before I go:

If you have a natural gift of getting along with kids…? Show her, show her, show her!

Good luck, Romeos!

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