3 Things Your Online Dating Profile Is Missing

So you’ve spent some time writing your online dating profile, and it may look finished to you, but know that women are reading between the lines.

Here are three things that might be missing if you’re not getting the replies you want.

1. Truth

If you’re not getting the kind of connections you want, maybe it’s because you’re lying on your online dating profile.

We all do it. Women shave off ten or twenty pounds or neglect to mention the three kids. Guys brag about job status they don’t really have, or forget to mention the wife.

You may be surprised that guys who cop to a beer belly, a humble job at Circle K, or a receding hairline, do fine or better than guys with airbrushed ab pics who are always “managers.” Why? Because there’s no disappointment or sense you’ve been fooled when you meet.

Present yourself in your best light, but as you truly are.

2. Authenticity

Telling the truth on your online dating profile is one aspect of being authentic, but it goes deeper. It’s also about being vulnerable, complex, and genuine.

If you talk like a player and pay outlandish compliments that describe every woman you chat with, or if you’re shallow and vain and appear to have no feelings or depth, hot hookups could be a pipe dream.

Women are seldom turned on by a pretty face or tight butt cheeks alone. And if you are average or below in the looks department, you’ve got nothing at all if you don’t have emotional depth.

It doesn’t mean we want to “get to know you” or fall in love if we’re looking for casual sex. But our attraction is still heightened by an emotional connection. This is true for a woman of reading a book, buying a sweater, finding a marriage partner, or having a one night stand. Our emotional relationship with an object or person determines how intensely we desire it. We have to like you.

3. Personality

If women are passing by an immaculate profile, you may be presenting as if you have no personality.

As with emotional depth, you might not feel that matters at all when it comes to a hookup. You won’t be spending time together outside the bedroom so how can it be relevant?

You can’t stand out from the thousands of options women have for sex without one. Being perfect physically can’t set you apart from a hundred other hotties. And again, if you’re average, you’re going to need one all the more.

Understand that women have no problem getting sex. Even homely women have guys hitting on them. You might want women hitting on you on your lunch hour in the middle of the street, but it probably doesn’t happen that often. But women are routinely propositioned.

So you need more than shiny pectorals and a big dick to win the game and land a hot hookup.

Having a vagina might be all a woman needs to be worth sex, but women have so many options that simply possessing a penis—even the finest specimen—isn’t going to cut it.

So reveal a few things that give you a personality in your profile. It doesn’t have to be your whole life story, but don’t let it be a mere chunk of wood!

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