The Toy Box: Njoy Pure Plugs Review

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  • Value for Dollar

O… m’gaaaaaaaawd!

Say goodbye to the stinky pinky — my gspot has a new BFF. Behold The Njoy Pure Plugs!

This isn’t my first Njoy product. These guys make toys of such high-quality and far-out design, they are sure to survive Armageddon! The polished stainless steel means easy to clean, easy to share, and easy to heat!

Njoy Pure Plugs



But that’s not what makes this toy special: it’s the weight.

Anyone reading this and thinking that all butt-plugs are alike better listen up. This puppy is a game-changer. It’s balanced to rest on your g-spot, and the heavy weight manages two things:

1. It keeps the pressure on.

2. It locks it in place — just the right place. Direct bull’s-eye.

All you have to do is pop it in and let it do all the work.

And here’s what I mean by “all the work”:

This is more than just a toy-while-having-sex toy. I slide it in before I walk out the door in the morning. I can wear it all day, secretly feeling sexy, secretly having a party in my pants while I stand at the photocopier or order my latte. Friends, co-workers, servers, and clerks — from the look on my face, the people I encounter throughout the day must think I’ve discovered the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything (FYI: it’s 42.)

These Pure Plugs come in small, medium, and biggie sizes. I’m working with the small (trust me, it’s more than I can handle.)

A heads-up:

1. It’s the weight that does the work, not necessarily the girth. Start small, it’s all you need, and work your way up over time in order to avoid injury.

2. Did I mention it’s heavy? And easy to drop. I’ve dropped mine already, and I thought it was gonna break through the floor. Grip the handle tight, and be extra careful when it’s lubed.

3. If you’re a newbie with plugs, don’t leave it in too long until you’re a pro. Otherwise you’ll only end up with a dull ache. Start in small increments. And don’t wear it bowling, like I stupidly did.

And to all you guys who think prostate play is gay, know this: women dig men who don’t shy away from the g-spot… just sayin.

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