Butt Plug Tips for Beginners

Butt-Plug It!

Sheesh, it feels like I’ve written so much about anal sex—but there’s always still more to cover! And I think today’s lesson is blog-worthy: who wants anal sex if pain is the result?! Here’s where butt-plugs become your best friend.

I know, I know, you hear “butt-plug” and you think too kinky/weird, I’m not sticking anything up my ass that looks like a pear, what da hell’s a butt-plug, anyway?, et al. Rest assured these worries are for naught. There are, however, a few words regarding butt-plugs that should unsettle you. Rip comes to mind, as do ache, and piles. Newbies shouldn’t ever just shove a butt-plug up their arse. Like anything worthwhile, practice and patience are key, and will make everything better in the end.

If you’re thinking about adding anal to your repertoire (don’t deny it— while you masturbate you’ve been fantasizing about taking a strap-on in the ass, haven’t you…?), a butt-plug(s) will be your best friend. The human arse is not naturally equipped to spread wide on command. But a well-lubed plug will allow you to slowly, and carefully, open up. By “slowly”, I mean hours—over the course of days, even—gently stretching your ass by whatever tiny increments you can handle. DO NOT RUSH. By stretching gradually, you’ll avoid those unsettling scenarios described above.

Some are even designed to stay in there all day, while you’re out and about, doing your grocery shopping, if you’re into it. Just pop it in and let it do its thang. Many folks find it very sexy to be strolling through the mall while their ass is secretly getting such attention. Other models are more advanced, for the more ambitious users. Shape and style are up to you (check out these butt-plugs to get you started.) Whatever you do, start small—pinky-size is probably ideal.

After a good dose of butt-plug work, taking a strap-on in your ass will eventually be as hot as it is in your fantasies!

Note of caution: stay away from anal relaxant sprays. Despite the fact that pain is the last thing you want to experience during anal sex, pain is also necessary in order to know whether or not you’re poking in the wrong direction or tearing out your insides. Every time you feel a painful sensation, adjust or take a break. If your ass has been numbed by a spray, all you’ll end up doing is hurting yourself—but you won’t feel it until the next day, when it’s too late.

Oh, and one more thing: be mindful of douching before any sort of anal action, even if it is only butt-plugging—otherwise, you’re just packing fudge. Not sayin, just sayin.

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