Have You Paid for Sex?

“Sex is one of the most wholesome, beautiful and natural experiences that money can buy.” –Steve Martin

Whether you think paying for sex is right or wrong, many men still think about it and participate in the transaction. I had my own bias towards sex workers and the men who paid for their services, but as I’ve matured and educated myself, I don’t have the same attitude towards the exchange.

Different views on the subject are affected by personal attitudes, social judgments, cultural background, religion, and spiritual views.

Of course, it isn’t legal in many parts of the world so that is a risk many men aren’t willing to take. When you don’t pay for sex you take different risks – a broken heart, jealous exes, betrayal, and STIs.

I was surprised recently when talking with guy friends that many admitted that they had or do pay for sex. These conversations gave me the idea for this poll.

What is Your Relationship between Sex and Money?

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