Foursomes: Couples Sharing Partners

Birthday Surprise

For every woman I’ve met who’s insisted that girl-on-girl action in the presence of a guy is strictly a male fantasy, I’ve met half a dozen more who’ve told me they’d try it for sure if only an opportunity would present itself in a realistic and un-prostitute-ish way.

Muff-diving isn’t usually on their to-try list (“eeew,” I usually hear — their loss, I say) but The Basics are:

  • french kissing
  • sucking nipples
  • scissoring
  • finger banging

Make Your Sexual Fantasies Come True

When I heard this fantasy wish-list from the girl I’m currently dating, I secretly decided to try my best to make it happen for her upcoming birthday.

I contacted a couple I used to play with and they enthusiastically agreed. No prostitutes, no open calls online —hopefully ensuring that Birthday Girl’s comfort levels would stay in the I’m-so-up-for-this zone.

On the night of her birthday, after dinner and a few too many glasses of wine, I suggested, “D’you mind dropping in on a couple of friends of mine?” The couple and I had planned it ahead of time. After a few more vinos:

  1. the couple would spontaneously make out in front of us, then
  2. I would start making out with Birthday Girl, then
  3. he would take of his GF’s shirt and start sucking her nipples, then
  4. Nipple Girl would hold out her hand to Birthday Girl and pull her close, encouraging her to at least have a touch.

That was the plan, anyway. And it worked!

After the aforementioned step 1, naturally Birthday Girl gave me a confused/uncomfortable/accusatory eyebrow-to-the-ceiling. Only when I slowly slid my hand up the inside of her thigh and whispered “happy birthday” (thus launching into step 2) did she catch on.

And she was a trooper ‘til the end. She didn’t hesitate with The Basics, and even self-initiated:

  • eating pussy
  • back and forth cock sharing
  • taking 2 cocks at once (pussy and mouth)

The only event she didn’t initiate was the grand finale, when Birthday Girls’ new GF asked her, “Do you wanna let two guys cum in your mouth?”

Her reply? “Uh-huh,” then she opened wide.

My friend and I pointed the tips of our cocks into her mouth and, from two directions, covered her tongue and teeth. New GF  used her fingers to wipe spill.

Did Birthday Girl swallow? Not a chance: she kissed her new GF, snowballing the mixed cum until it finally disappeared forever.

On the way home, in the back seat of the taxi, I said, “I’d do that again.”

Birthday Girl kissed me and whispered, “Not me, I’m good. Best birthday present ever, though. I promise.”

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