Signs It’s Time to Break Up with Your Casual Hookup

So you spent some time online, put in the effort and found yourself a hookup. Good for you. The trouble is that as the days pass, you find yourself feeling less and less excited about the whole thing. Is it time to break things off? Maybe, but you put so much effort into finding a fuck buddy, it would be a shame to let her go without at least giving it some thought.

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Are you scared of having what you really want, or are you really not that fond of the person you’ve chosen to have all the sex with? Unless you actually like someone, no amount of sex (even if it’s great) is worth the time you have to spend together, at least for the long term. Sometimes a one night stand is the way to go, and who knows? She might even agree with you.  

Signs It’s Time to Break It Off with Your Casual Sex Partner

You Avoid Her Calls or Texts
If all is going well, you should be excited to hear from your fuck buddy. If you find yourself screening your calls or cringing every time you receive a text from her, it might be time to call it quits. For whatever reason, you’re just not into her, and dragging things out isn’t fair to either of you.

Maybe you feel she’s become a little clingy and it’s making you uncomfortable, or maybe you’re just bored and need a change? She can probably sense that you’re avoiding her, and I’m sure it doesn’t feel good. Don’t be a dick about it. Just let her go and move on.

You’re Not Enjoying Yourselves
It’s a sad day when sex turns from fun to mediocre. You might find yourself thinking of other things, or rushing through the sex so that you can get off and get the hell outta there already, back to your Netflix and porn cues.

Maybe your partner seems bored, too, and what started out as fun has turned into a stale, old routine. I say, why prolong the agony? Your hookup arrangement has obviously run its course. Get off your ass and find something better. The two of you deserve more.

Things Have Turned Toxic
If you feel shitty about yourself after hooking up with your partner, or things have turned abusive on either side, it’s time to find yourself a new fuck buddy. You obviously don’t need to have loving feelings for someone in order to have casual sex, in fact, it’s kind of better if you don’t, but you do need to have respect for one another. If that’s gone, or if it never existed to begin with, you’re better off saying goodbye.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that it’s completely unhealthy to stay in a toxic situation. Even if it feels good sometimes it’s not worth the pain. I’m sure you can find someone who’s better suited and who won’t make you feel and/or act like a pile of garbage.

Someone has Developed Feelings
Causal hookups are supposed to be just that: casual. If you and/or your fuck buddy start to feel something more, don’t torture yourselves. Either move things into a more serious relationship or break things off.

It can be hard to acknowledge feelings, especially if you enjoy the sex and are afraid that doing so might change things. Believe me when I say, however, that ignoring the issue only leads to major heartache. It’s best to be completely honest and upfront so that you can both move on to better things.

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