How to Break Up in Style

Breaking up is hard to do, just like the song says. We’ve all been there – experiencing both amicable endings and painfully dramatic ready to jump off a bridge finales.

Relationships end often, so we can’t avoid them, but what we can work on is how we part ways with a lover. Remaining dignified and respectful makes it easier for both involved. And don’t forget about karma. What goes around does eventually come around.

Rules for breaking up in style:

Give Warning
Getting blindsided by a break up you didn’t see coming is the worst. If you’re unhappy or ready to get out, start talking about it beforehand. You owe her that much. A woman should at least have an idea that things weren’t going well when you drop the bomb.

Choose the Right Time
Avoid holidays and birthdays, but don’t use these as an excuse to put off the inevitable either.

Pick an Appropriate Place
Even if she isn’t surprised by the break up, you still want to end things in a place she isn’t going to feel vulnerable or embarrassed. Don’t do it at her work, in the car, at school, or at a restaurant.

Do it in Person
Only pathetic losers break up via the phone, text, or worse – email. It’s sad that this cowardly move is becoming more common in dating circles. Don’t take the easy way out because dealing with her emotions is uncomfortable – be a man, and give her and the time you spent together a little respect.

Be Specific
Tell her exactly what led you to your decision. “I’m just not into it anymore” or the tired “It’s me, not you” are lame. A woman deserves to know what went wrong and being dumped is way harder than the position you’re in.

Be firm
Make sure there is finality, none of this wishy-washy “there might still be a chance” bullshit. Another cowardly move is giving a woman hope when there is none. That line, “I think we should just take a break” makes me want to strangle a man. We know what it means, so just come out and end things already.

Stay Cool
She may just walk away without drama or she may become hysterical. Whatever the situation, don’t react to her reaction. You’ve already got the upper hand by being the dumper, so keep your emotions in check and deal with them later.

Guys: Any break up stories or tips to share?

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