Is She Serious About Hooking Up

Are all women on hookup sites actually there to hookup? You hope so, but unfortunately this is a lie. A lot of ladies join or visit these sites to see what’s available. And some go on with the intent of hooking up or because they want an affair, but when it comes to getting serious they chicken out. Bummer for the guys!

So how can you tell if she’s serious about hooking up? There may be hints in her profile, and other times it may take a few IM chats or email exchanges to know. Here are tips to help you find women who actually want sex like you and won’t disappoint by backing away. After all, who wants to waste time in pursuit of sweet satisfying sex.

Profile Signs
Women who are serious will have a full profile filled out with many pictures. Those just browsing often have little written and will have only one photo, if any. They are just checking out the site to see if it’s worth their while.

Read her profile carefully. Is she clear about looking for a hookup or what kind of guy she wants? Is she flirty, sharing a bit of her personality? These are good signs pointing towards a possible one-on-one interaction.

Check her activity. Most sites show how recently members have logged on. If she hasn’t been on in awhile it could be because she’s in a relationship or was just browsing and isn’t coming back. Active members are serious about meeting people.

Email/IM Signs
Profile Signs are no guarantee, just a starting place. It won’t be until you do a few back and forth emails/messages that you will likely know if she’s really going to meet with you.
Assuming you’ve taken the time to write a great first message, you’re first sign is that she responds. I call that first base in the world of online dating. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Now, to decipher her response. Does she want to hookup and how soon? The longer her message the better, and if she asks you questions that’s also her way of saying I want to know more and continue. If you can read emotion in her writing other than lol, things are looking good. When you sense a serious tone, move on. Timing is also a factor – quick response to an IM or email signals interest, and if she mentions possible meetup places you can start to get excited.

Hope these come in handy when you’re looking online for casual sex. Of course, if a woman is very shy you may need to drive the conversation a little. Don’t spend too much time chatting though, even if she is a hottie. A woman who is serious about getting laid as much as you will want to get the ball rolling.

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