Sex with Married Women

Some guys I know consider married women to be a sex-adventure category, like “MILFs” or “Asians” or “Grannies” or “Fatties.” Other guys say having sex with a married woman would crucify their conscience.

I, for better or worse, have had sex with a number of married women, although I don’t consider them to exist within a porn category. And I can assure you there are two schools of thought from a married woman’s perspective.

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If sex with a married woman is awesome, it’s for a number of reasons. First of all, she’s probably already decided that the sex will happen. That’s a biggie. There’s nothing like sex with a woman who wants it (and, in some cases, needs it). Add to that, she may:

  • hate her husband, or the marriage could be on its way out.
  • be looking to make up for lost time.
  • think she’ll never get a chance again.
  • already have plenty of experience having affairs.

It’s not hard to see how it can turn into a porn-category-worthy event. There’s usually a follow-up arranged: she’ll want more.

And it’s hard not to oblige. After all, this is the good kind.

Then there are women who approach extra-marital sex with their heads on a different rollercoaster. Oh, sure, they may still consider the aforementioned enticements (well, maybe not the last one…), but with a significant difference: they will not have already decided that the sex will happen. Even during the sex — they’re still weighing their decision. During sex they:

  • are anxious, usually never taking the lead.
  • keep the lights out, like that’ll help.
  • avoid pretty much everything besides standard fucking (You can forget about the blowjob.)
  • stay pretty quiet, in a way that suggests they’re obviously thinking about something other than the moment, hopefully nothing that’ll burst forth tears.
  • forgo their orgasm to satisfy your own, knowing only then will it be over.

She’ll become immediately overwhelmed by regret and tell you it’s best never to be in touch again.

And then I just end up feeling guilty. And I always tell myself: never again.

Except when it’s the good kind!

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