Same-Sex Experimentation

Gotta Try Goin’ Bi

Just so we’re clear: Experimenting with the same sex does not mean you’re gay, or you’re secretly gay, or struggling with being gay, or struggling with secretly being gay. It doesn’t even mean you’re bi-sexual, really. You’re just experimenting. That is all. Think of it as something on your Really Dirty List. Surely you have one of those kicking around in your fantasies…?

Women seem to have less of an issue with the thought of experimenting with the same sex. Guys (who have no problem at all telling women they “wanna see them go at it with another chick”) tend to worry that experimenting with another guy will somehow make them “gay”.

Here’s what guys should know: Women love watching a guy experiment with another guy, and if you’d only have the confidence to give it try, there’s nothing she won’t then do for you. And guess what? You’ll discover you weren’t gay after all.

For women, if you haven’t tried it before, waist-up can be a very satisfying scenario. You don’t necessarily have to go muff-diving the first time out. But you’ll likely find letting another woman go down on you can be quite a crowd-pleaser. Why not—who would know better how to work all those corners?

For guys, it’s probably best not to expect your experimentation to include anal sex. The anticipation alone would likely be a buzzkill. But just touching another guy’s stiff cock for some mutual masturbation would definitely be a show your girl would want to watch. If that goes well and the room heats up, sucking/sharing a cock with your gal will earn you a gold.

If it’s just you, it’s easy to hookup online and find what you want. But if you’re a couple looking to experiment, let your partner guide you. Listen to what she/he wants to see you do in the same-sex scenario. Play out their fantasies for them. This will help things “get going”, too (in the event that you’re not sure where to start).

Imagine you have an extra “toy” in the room. That’s all it is. You’ve seen it online, you’ve masturbated until you turned blue while thinking about it, and have finally decided to order it. Now it’s arrived.

Don’t ya at least wanna try it?!

I promise, it won’t make you gay.

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