How to Manage Your Online Dating Sexpectations

Being horny sucks, and the longer your needs are left untended to, the more it takes over your life. Suddenly you find yourself wanting to do crazy things, like fuck a watermelon or a birthday cake, and you know that all of this would go away if only you could gain access to some hot lady’s snatch.

Here’s the thing: just when you need it the most, that’s the worst time to be going after it. Instead, you need to rein in all that intensity and learn how to control your sexual expectations when it comes to online dating. Do it well, and you’re more likely to get what you want.

Meet Sooner than Later

The longer you hold out on setting that first date, the more time you have to build things up in your mind. Try to meet with your perspective hook-up partner as soon as possible, so as to avoid excessive fantasizing. Until you meet and get a feel for one another in real life, you have no idea whether or not the sex is going to be hot, or if it will even happen at all.

Showing up to a first date with all of your predetermined orgasms in toe, will place a lot of pressure on the situation. Your date will feel uncomfortable, and chances are you’ll end up being disappointed.

Masturbate before You Go Out

If you’re a fan of late ’90s Cinema, you might recall the scene in, There’s Something About Mary where Ben Stiller’s pre-date ejaculate gets mistaken for hair gel. Classic. Anyway, jacking off before your date will help you to relax and focus on more than just the state of your dick.

If you’re someone who has a slower recovery rate, and you’re fairly certain that sex will occur by the end of the night, maybe jack off the night before. Even if it’s obvious that you’re going to get laid, you still want to be relaxed about it. Otherwise you might turn her off.

Don’t Limit Your Options

Try to keep things low pressure by dating a few women at once, at least initially. This will help you come across as less desperate, because all your sexual hopes won’t rest on just one woman. It’s a lot of pressure, and if you’re really horny she might feel overwhelmed by the sheer forcefulness of your need.

I’m not suggesting that women are weak, or that we ourselves don’t get so horny that we can barely stand it. I’m just saying that you should try to distribute the horny force a bit. If it doesn’t work out with one woman, it probably will with another.

Think Bigger than Your Cock

“But how is that even possible?! My cock is so massive, Tia!” I walked right into that one, didn’t I? Seriously though, who’s to say that sex is the only acceptable outcome of a date? I’ve met a few really good friends by dating them first. Sometimes we ended up in the bedroom, sometimes not, but either way it was a good time.

Maybe you’re sitting there with your rock-hard cock that hasn’t felt the inside of a vagina in a very long time, and you’re thinking friendship schmendship! Well, sir, riddle me this: Who’s going to offer you her womanly advice and listen to you complain about how horny you are? Not some women you met and fucked one time, but the woman who meets you for coffee all the time. Never underestimate the importance of friendship.

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