How to Be a Player in Today’s Hookup Culture

How to Score with Class and Integrity

Lots of guys consider themselves to be players, yet few who I’ve met know how to do it well. I could introduce you to many girlfriends who could tell you stories of botched player attempts. It’s okay to play the field, but consider the following tips if you want to not only score, but keep your reputation intact.

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Be Straight Up about Your Intentions

Don’t pretend that you’re interested in anything other than sex if in fact you’re not. That’s what I call a sleazebag move, and it’s not conducive to accessing a lady’s trousers. Own your player’s intentions and express them clearly.

The key is to use plain language. Don’t go all out with the sexual euphemisms or delve into too much graphic detail about the size of your cock and where you plan to stick it. Just say you’re not looking for anything serious, or whatever statement reflects what you’re looking for. A women who wants to have sex with you doesn’t need to be tricked into it. Remember that.

Always Treat Her with Respect

So you’ve actually met a woman who wants to have sex as much as you do? That’s great! Don’t go and ruin it by treating her like she’s a slut. What do I mean by that? Don’t treat her with any less respect than you would your sister or a co-worker or any other woman who you care about in your life.

Even though you guys are “using” each other for casual sex, she’s not a disposal item. I hate to say that the double standard still exists when it comes to women who choose to have nsa sex. Try not to perpetuate it.

Don’t Be a Dating Hypocrite

Further to what I was just saying, be sure not to expect different dating behaviour from your NSA partner than you do from yourself. In other words, if you want to play the field, get comfortable with the idea that she might, too. It’s gross when guys get off on the thought of having all the women they choose while said women lie patiently in wait. If you can’t stomach the idea of your date being as sexually active as you are, choose to be a monogamous partner, not a player.

Stay Focused on the Woman You’re with

This one’s a no-brainer. Obviously your date is going to want to feel that she is important to you, if only for an evening. Try not to answer your phone or reply to the texts of other women when you’re out with her. Also refrain from talking about your past conquests. In fact, don’t think of your sexual experiences as conquests at all!

Let’s bring the notion of playing the field into the modern world and infuse it with just a little bit of class. Don’t you want to go to sleep at night knowing that you’ve played the field with integrity? (That is, if you ever sleep again what with all the sex you’ll be having.)

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