First Date Dos and Don’ts

Dating really shouldn’t be that complicated. There are lots of articles out there that make it sound like a game that must be won, but mostly, success relies on common sense.

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What follows are some fairly obvious suggestions for what you should and shouldn’t do on a first date. Take a little time to review and focus on the simpler side of things. You and I both know that you got this.


Be a Gentleman

Hold the door. Offer to take her coat. Pull out the chair for her. If she tells you she doesn’t want you to do those things, by all means stop, but it doesn’t hurt to start from a place of chivalry. Lots of women like it, and it makes you seem thoughtful and sweet.

Offer to Pay but Don’t Push It

Along similar lines, do the old fashioned thing and plan to pay for the date. She might say it isn’t necessary, or offer to pay half, but at least you’ve offered. It really varies. Some women expect a man to pay, while some find it condescending. The key is to respect her wishes.

Listen More than You Speak

Share things about yourself, but try not to go overboard or brag too much. Most women want to feel heard and appreciated. Stay focused on what she’s saying and ask questions. Try not to interrogate her. Just get clarification if you need it, and show that you care.


Flirt with the Waitress

It’s only going to make you look like an ass. Your date won’t feel jealous and want to seal the deal because you’re coming on to someone else. You should always be kind and friendly to the wait staff, but keep things on a professional level.

Build a Little Fort out of Your Napkin

Or stick straws up your nose or in your mouth to look like a walrus, or make choo-choo noises as you bring your fork to your mouth. Sure, some women might find this kind of silly behaviour endearing, but even so, it’s more of a second or third date kind of thing. You’ll want to have a chance to feel it out.

Forget Your Date’s Name

Nerves can really screw us over by hijacking our brains. It happens to us all sometimes, but you must try beyond all measure to at least remember your date’s name. If you slip up, apologize, then try to laugh it off by deflecting the conversation with a joke. Women love a guy who can make them laugh.

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