What’s In a Woman’s Toy Box

Handcuffs and Key

Last week, three different guys asked me what sex toys I owned. One was an excited lover, one was a friend, and one was a reader.

Since you’re probably wondering too, and about women in general, I thought it was a good question to ask.

My answer? “Too many sex toys to list, but the most important ones are dildos, a small butt plug, a vibrating bullet, and restraints.”

Here’s what other women say.

“One of those little switches. I love a light-hearted spanking to get revved up.” – Erica, 24

“A huge dildo. Like, really big. Sometimes if we’re fucking all night, I’m just going to want more.” – Janelle, 35

“A sling. I have some slight mobility issues from a car crash when I was young, and my partner is much older and has arthritis, and this is an amazing thing that makes our fave positions possible. I recommend experimenting with slings or special sex swings to everyone, especially if you need a bit of support or assistance.” – Beckie, 27

“Stinging nipple gel. I use the kind they make for the clitoris, but it works wonders on my breasts. I want maximum nipple stimulation and this is amazing.” – Samantha, 32

“Honestly? None. Inserting hunks of rubber don’t do anything for me. I want man meat! If I’m between partners, I use a hookup app, or just wank with my hand while watching some porn.” – Carrie-Ann, 51

“My beautiful glass dildo. It was a gift from an ex-lover, and I still think about making love with him when I use it. That was ten years ago.” – Lisa, 40

“I really love anal, it makes me get off so much more intensely. Even when I’m alone, I want that sensation. So I have a special dildo that penetrates both my vagina and ass at the same time.” – Elaine, 22

“Just a basic vibrator. Nothing fancy. It does the trick, and does it well.” – Kim, 22

“A strap-on and harness. I’m really kinky and if my hookup is into it, that’s what I want to do most—peg your ass, baby” – Debbie, 29

“I have a little night bag with a few thongs, a small vibrator and a regular dildo, some lube packages and some condoms. If I get a promising hookup call from a dating app, I’m ready to go already.” – Fatima, 25

“Nipple clamps and a tiny vibrator that I use for nipple stimulation. A strap-on and harness in case my old girlfriend shows up. We hook up a few times a year, and probably always will.” – Louise, 38

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