My Girlfriend Smells Off Down There

Q: Dear Tia. This is a really sensitive thing to bring up, but I noticed you wrote about it in a few of your posts, so I figured it was okay to ask. My girlfriend loves it when I go down on her and usually I love to do it too, but the last time I noticed a nasty smell down there that turned me off completely.

She had her period about a week ago, and she doesn’t like to do anything at that time. I assumed we were in the clear because she seemed down with what I was doing, but maybe she still had some bloodiness going on?

I know that pussies smell bad sometimes, but in all the months I’ve known her, it’s never been an issue. I guess I want to know if I should bring it up to her, or just wait and see if things clear up? We have an active sex life, so she might wonder why I don’t want to go down on her anytime soon. I don’t want to hurt her feelings, but I don’t feel right not saying anything. – Jared

A: Hi Jared. This topic of conversation can be tricky to broach, and I commend you on wanting to do it in a sensitive way. Smelly vaginas happen. Sometimes the odor results from a yeast infection, which can be easily treated with over-the-counter medicine. Sometimes it’s caused by a bacterial issue which requires a trip to the doctor.

I would say give it a few days to see if things clear up. If they don’t, it’s totally fine to mention that you noticed a smell that’s different from her usual smell. When you bring it up, be casual and nonjudgmental. Avoid words like “gross” and don’t mention that it turned you off the last time you were down there. If she gets embarrassed, remind her that other women go through this and that it doesn’t affect your feelings for her.

If it is something that requires treatment, you’ll want to hold off having sex until everything is taken care of. If she has just finished her period, the shift in her hormone levels could be causing a yeast infection, or just an imbalance in the “good bacteria” that will clear up in time. The key is to not make a big deal out of it and to have patience.
I hope this helps.

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