How to Find Cougar Hookups

Cougar hookups have it all when it comes to sexual confidence and prowess. As someone who is of cougar age, I’ve had many a younger lover who walked away very satisfied, or came back for more.

It’s often a win-win situation for young cubs and older cougars. If you’re in your twenties (or even thirties) I highly recommend expanding your online search range to include women 10+ your age, to experience the many sexual bonuses a cougar hookup can offer.

Looking for a Cougar Hookup

Here’s a letter we received from a young man looking for local cougar hookups.

Q: Dear Holly.

I don’t have a ton of experience with women, but I’m hoping that will improve now that I’m away from home and at college. The problem is that I’m more attracted to older women, ladies my teachers’ ages. I find most of my co-eds flaky and not very nice to be honest.

My best friend says my thing for cougar women is because I lost my virginity to a woman ten years older. Does that really matter? Should I be dating girls my own age? Where can I find older women who would be interested in younger men? – Scott

A: Hi Scott!

As a cougar myself, I love to hear from younger men who appreciate us older ladies. I get it, and so do thousands of other women my age who seek out cubs to satisfy their needs, sexual and otherwise.

Your attraction to cougar hookups probably does stem from your first time, but there’s nothing wrong with that. A cougar has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to teaching a man about a woman’s body and sex. All men should be so lucky. It’s a much better way to learn than watching porn.

If you meet a woman your age and feel a connection, go for it. I think we learn from every relationship. And hey, becoming a great lover takes practice.

But meeting a cougar hookup shouldn’t be so difficult, as there are plenty of mature women who date nothing but younger men. And maybe some of your teachers do love cubs, but don’t go that route. Your education is more important than some hot fling that could ruin your reputation, and hers.

If you find it hard to flirt with or approach older women, I recommend dating sites. You can go at the pace you want and even join a cougar dating site specifically for for meeting older women. You’ll have direct access to thousands of older women hoping to meet a cub like yourself.

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Go get ’em tiger!

Cougar Hookup Sites

While many of your buddies are out there chasing ladies in their 20s, you find yourself aching for a woman with a few more notches in her belt. It’s obviously not difficult to find older women on a regular dating site, but it’s common for these women to reject younger men.

However if you head to cougar hookup sites, you’ll find women looking for younger men like you!

Here are my two favorite sites to find a cougar hookup.


Find a Cougar is my first choice to find a local cougar hookup. This cougar dating is massive and caters to all ages and levels of experience, making it easy to find someone no matter what your age preference.

Members have many ways to play and get to know each other online at Enjoy live video cougar chat, video introductions, interest groups, blogs, and more. And be prepared for an eye-full – unlike most hookup sites, Find a Cougar allows full nudity and sexy play on video. Sex is definitely the focal point of cougars looking for younger men at this site.

Join Find a Cougar


These names are very descriptive, aren’t they? Date a Cougar delivers as promised – members at this cougar hookup site are there to connect and date, forming cougar cub relationships.

The best thing about is that the community is very specific and focussed on bringing together cougars and the men who love them. This makes it easier for younger men to approach older women on the site.

But there are drawbacks to Date a Cougar as well. This cougar site has a lot less features than Find a Cougar above, and there is no video. For some that’s fine as they just want to arrange meet ups, and they don’t mind missing out on the fun of video. Secondly, the community here is smaller and is only really viable for those in the US.

Join Date a Cougar

cougar hookup
Ready for your cougar hookup?

Why Cougars Hookups are the Best

You’re probably already convinced that a cougar hookup is for you. But let’s bask in a few of the reasons that cougar women have it going on.

1. Experience.

Older women have been around the block, maybe more than once! A sexually experienced woman can teach you a thing or two between the sheets. She will not only be confident about her abilities, but also her body. If you’re inexperienced or shy when it comes to sex, you can count on a cougar to take the reins… and take you to places you may have never been!

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2. Body Awareness.

Women in their twenties are still trying to figure out what they like and how they like it. A mature woman will have explored with men, and on her own, what gets her off the most, whether that’s hitting her g-spot, double penetration, or just the write tongue swirl when you’re going down.

3. Kinky Exploration.

Most people (women and men) discover and pursue kink and BDSM activities as they get older. If you have fantasies you want to explore, you’re not going to freak a cougar out when you bring it up. She’ll likely indulge you, as well as share her own interests in things like role playing, spanking, and bondage.

4. Hookups without Hangups.

Not that a cougar-cub relationship can’t become something long term, but many older women are only looking for casual sex with younger men. This is why you don’t have to worry about cougar claws digging in. Whatever type of relationship she wants, you can count on her to be straight forward.

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Are you attracted to older women? Share your experience with cougars in the comments below!

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