Hookup Help: Changing the Taste of Your Cum

Q: Dear Jenny. This is embarrassing, but my new girlfriend says my cum tastes disgusting. She didn’t use that word specifically, but her face said it all when she swallowed. And since then, she’s requested that I come anywhere but inside her mouth. This sucks because I love when I can release in a woman’s mouth. I’ve never been with a girl who has complained, but it got me thinking. The next time I jerked off, I had a taste. I’ll have to admit, it wasn’t super delicious…  it tasted sorta metallic or something. I’ve heard that different foods can improve the taste. What do you recommend? -Andrew

A: Hi Andrew. As someone who loves to swallow, I’ve tasted a lot of different cum. Some good and some, well, not so good. My current lover actually has no taste at all. I find that so strange! But no flavor is better than what you’re describing. I know that metallic, and sometimes acidic taste that can turn a woman off.

There may be something genetic when it comes to the individual taste of a man’s semen, but diet does have a large effect. Everyone says vegetarians taste better but that doesn’t mean you have to be one. This is how I look at it: whatever you put into your body, it works its way out through various secretions including your cum. So, strong foods like garlic and onions in excess aren’t so good and neither is junk or fast food. Too much alcohol and being dehydrated will also bring about bad-tasting semen, so drink plenty of water daily. To cut that metallic taste you can eat more sweet fruits such as mangos, pineapple, and pears. Also keep in mind, things that affect the color and smell of urine, like asparagus and beets, also give an unpleasant taste to your giz.

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Readers: what tips can you offer on changing the taste of one’s cum?

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