Cut or Uncut: Do Women Care?

Dear Jamie,

I’m not circumcised—no one is, where I’m from. I never gave it much thought. But I found a page on my girlfriend’s laptop, and the women commenting on “cut vs. uncut” were saying vicious things and describing guys like me as “slugs,” “gross sleeves,” and “disgusting.”

It was like a punch to the stomach! If men talked about women’s smells and shapes that way it would be considered misogyny. Nature made me this way! I’ve never been with a dude, so I’ve never been close to the “cut” kind of penis. The page said that cut is “normal.” I don’t know if my girl is unsatisfied with my penis, or was just reading. Is this really how women view our dicks? – Miguel

Do Women Care about Circumcision?

Hi Miguel. That is harsh! Some women have a strong reaction to the unaltered penis. I’m not one of them! Here’s the thing—it’s more than likely a question of what we are used to culturally. I’m used to playing with all kinds of guys all over the world, and both ways are fine with me.

You may be surprised to learn that there are as many women, or more, advocating for natural-born penises as there are who prefer cut.

The Cut vs. Uncut Penis

Like many private issues of the body, the foreskin has become a political issue. It’s a men’s rights issue to some, with the claim that snipping infants is a human rights abuse. Some even compare it to female genital mutilation. These groups argue that men lose sensitivity and pleasure and that circumcision is a religious infringement meant to control and limit male sexuality.

For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, circumcision is a common practice where the foreskin of the penis is removed from an infant. It is an Abrahamic practice, born in legend from a covenant with the big guy in the sky. It is widely practiced and considered normal in some countries, and virtually unknown or considered barbaric in others.

The main difference between cut and uncut penises is the foreskin that covers the head of the penis. This is removed, in the name of religion, or more often, in modern times, in the name of health and hygiene.

Most nations do not consider the natural intact male “dirty” and do not cut their children. No one there finds an intact penis funny looking. When flaccid, the penis looks like it has a turtleneck on. In America, we aren’t used to seeing that. When erect, the intact penis looks nearly the same as a cut cock, because the head pushes out of its protective shield.

There are health benefits to circumcision, making this issue quite volatile. Natural advocates claim that mutilation is unnecessary and they are right too. Normal hygiene and cleaning under the foreskin keeps a natural penis healthy and free of infections. Penises with foreskins are shown to be significantly more likely to contract STIs, including HIV. But this is a non-issue for all guys who use condoms regularly.

Even in countries that practice circumcision of male infants, it is in steep decline. We are moving away from unnatural medical procedures that infants cannot consent to.

I recommend having a “talk” about your penis. You can explain that no one is cut where you are from. See if your girlfriend can be a little more comfortable if she understands her cultural bias and preference. If she’s with you, and enjoys sex, you’re probably fine. If she can’t love your body the way it is, you need to know, and move on.

Also, your girlfriend may have never been with a man who isn’t circumcised, and was browsing around the internet out of curiosity. An open and honest conversation is the place to start.

Readers, do you worry how women feel about your cut or uncut penis?

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