What’s Going Through Her Mind During Sex

Ever wonder what’s going through a woman’s mind during sex? Here are four things she’s thinking about while you are getting it on.

I can’t believe this is happening.

Sex can have a surreal effect. It’s the most intimate, in-the-moment experience possible, and sometimes, at the exact same time, there is an altered state feeling or not-quite-real dream quality to it.

More often than not, one of the things that’s running through our mind is this: “I can’t believe Kevin from paediatrics/church choir/the strip club is inside my vagina right now.”

If I’ve been fantasizing about you for a while through our online dating chats, or had my design on you since high school, you can be sure I’m thinking, “Oh. My. God. I can’t believe I’m actually sucking his cock.”

Is he ever going to come?

Yes, guys, sorry to say, often we’re thinking “When will this end?” or “So, this is it?” or “What am I doing here, FFS?”

Sex isn’t always great, and sometimes we go ahead and do it even if the chemistry was underwhelming. Sometimes we really did just want to get pounded, but now that it’s happening, we’re just about done.

We might be thinking of the grocery list, the kid’s basketball practice, our next date, or the overdue reports at the office, etc.

Don’t take it personally unless you know you did something shitty. Sometimes we want sex to transport us from our daily worries, but that doesn’t always work.

Am I doing this right? Is he enjoying it?

It doesn’t matter if we’re certified as the world’s most amazing lover or the hottest woman alive. When we’re hooking up, we’re thinking about you, your pleasure, and whether you like what we’re doing.

We want you to enjoy yourself and we want to satisfy you, and it’s on our mind.

I’m getting fucked hard by Bradley Cooper.

Just like you, images of other sex scenes are going to run through my head from time to time.

I don’t usually fantasize about other men unless I’m sharing it with a date as part of dirty talk or role playing, but when women are at the point of working towards an orgasm, we really need to focus. That’s why some of us close our eyes when we want to get there instead of continuing to take in the hot action.

My images when I need to come are generic, but some women have a go-to gallery that may include ex-lovers, celebrities, or fictional characters.

Don’t worry about not being included. We’re here, aren’t we? Besides, when we’re there, we’re thinking about what you’re doing to us right now.

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