What a Woman Tells Her Friends about You

Have you ever wondered what your girlfriend says about you behind your back? When you met her friends for the first time, did you suspect that they had already discussed the size and shape of your cock, along with all the details of your most recent sexual encounter? Of course you did. But just how accurate is that assumption?

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While it’s hard to say with any certainty what any or all women talk about in private, my own experiences indicate that there are definitely a few areas of focus that usually make the cut. Why should this matter to you? It’s simple. The things she tells her friends about you are the exact things that matter to her. So what does she most likely talk about when you’re not there?

How You Treat Her

Most women want to be treated well. That’s no surprise. If you’re checking all the boxes in terms of being respectful and reliable, showing her how much you want to be there and making her feel desired, you’ll probably get a good review. If, on the other hand, you treat your date poorly and behave like a total dick, don’t be surprised if her friends have it out for you.

Sometimes lust and loneliness can make us settle for less than we deserve, and it’s a friend’s duty to point that out. If her friends don’t like you, it’s time to check your integrity or your intentions, because there’s probably a good reason.

What the Sex Is Like

Are you a bland, unimaginative lover or a maverick in the sack? Do you last as long as other guys? Did you really make your girlfriend cum that time? Not sure? Ask her friends. They could tell you the answers to those questions, and more. For a long time we’ve heard about locker-room talk and the place it occupies in the lives of men. Women are just as explicit if not more so when it comes to the art of dirty storytelling.

The good news is that if you’re around long enough to meet her friends, or if she seems to be into you and is coming back for more, the stories she’s telling are probably complimentary. (Besides, sexual mockery is usually reserved for ex’s.)

The Things You Do to Piss Her Off

If you’ve done something to make your girlfriend angry, her friends will probably hear all about it. I sometimes vent to my friends and work through my feelings before I even share them with my boyfriend. It’s a way to gain perspective and to form strategies for dealing with problems.

Bitching to friends is something we’ve all done since the beginning of time. This is nothing new. But have you ever thought about how important friend involvement is to maintaining a healthy relationship or hookup arrangement? Friends form the front lines into which our insecurities and tempers strike, and they can help us to pull our shit together—two functions that benefit both you and your girlfriend.

Her Hopes for the Future

Not only are friends given an exclusive look at the problems in your relationship, they are also the first to know what your girlfriend secretly wishes for the future. Will you make it past next week, or are you on the way out? Are you casually hooking up but she’s developed feelings? She’ll tell her friends and with any luck, they’ll try to talk her out of it. Try not to think of these conversations as a threat to you. They are crucial to your girlfriend’s happiness, as well as a normal and healthy part of being social.

I once had a boyfriend who was so controlling and jealous that he tried to keep me from discussing our relationship with others. Needless to say, he is no longer on the scene. Embrace the fact that you will be discussed at length, and be the kind of guy who comes out looking good!

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