True or False: Condom Quiz

Most of us assume that we know the basics of condom use, so what’s left to talk about? A quiz to see if we remember the important stuff can’t hurt.

The Basics of Protection

One size fits all.

False. We all took that health class where the nurse stretched a rubber over a broom handle and assured a bunch of horny college guys that no one was too big for it, but there are different sizes. Any condom is better than none, but the best condom is one that fits your dick.

Never be embarrassed to look for snug-fit condoms. You’re getting laid, aren’t you? A snug fit will stay put if you’re on the small side, and save you from chlamydia.

Search beyond your local pharmacy for specialty fits. There are Korean condom companies catering to men with very small members. Others make extra wide or super strength condoms. Find the right ones.

Condoms don’t differ much one from another.

False. There are thin and thick condoms, different colors, flavors, and ones with ribs, ridges or bumps that some women find more stimulating. They also have different fits around the base, from flexible to choke hold. The lubricants are different. Experiment and find what works for you and your lover.

Checking the base of the condom often to make sure it hasn’t come off is part of proper use.

True. Don’t just put it on and in, and forget about it. Thrusting can make it slip off. If a woman is very wet, it can slide off easily too. Not using enough lube can result in friction that pulls it off.

Check now and again to make sure it’s still there, and after you come always hold the base while you pull out.

Condoms don’t protect against all diseases.

True. They don’t provide full protection for many sexually transmitted infections such as herpes, which is a lifelong virus, and HPV genital warts. The wrong size and slipping off increase the risk of all the other ones too, so find the right ones!

Condoms are effective on their own to prevent pregnancy, not just STIs.

True and False. Theoretically, a properly used condom where your load is completely bagged and tossed is a highly effective protection against pregnancy, but they can have microscopic defects, or slip off, allowing a live one to get away from you.

If she’s on the pill, you can also use a vaginal contraceptive sheet or sponge for further protection.

You can’t get STIs from giving or receiving a blowjob or handjob.

False. A handjob is low risk but not no risk. You can exchange bacteria or HPV from mouth to dick or vice versa (or pussy to mouth).

Many people take the risk of oral sex, but using a condom for a blowjob IS an option. People who KNOW they have HPV warts on their cock prefer wearing a condom to never getting a blowjob, so make use of those flavored ones.

Your dick has to be hard or the condom won’t work properly.

True. More or less. If you have erectile dysfunction, or just aren’t operating at high mast, efficacy is greatly reduced because the condom will slip and stretch. Put the rubber on when your dick is hard, not before. If you have performance issues with a condom because it desensitizes you, practice at home masturbating in a condom.

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