Online Dating Report Card for Men

Just as some men like to use a scale of one through ten to describe a lady’s looks, women like me enjoy using the school grading system when asked about how our date went.

Let’s face it, men and women can both be shallow and gossippy when talking to their friends about what goes down on their online dates. How else would we survive the equal parts anxiety and excitement that is online dating?

I had drinks with a few besties recently to help me outline what each grade entails before writing this post. So here are our thoughts, and we hope this guide will help you with your future dating endeavours.

A. Serious Prospect. When we first lay eyes on you, the mind starts racing. We want to know everything about you. We’re super excited and freaked out, but we try to remain cool and chill. We’ll make eye contact and ask lots of questions while flirting, and hope that you do all these back. It’s a definite possibility that you will get laid. Also worth noting: even if we say we’re only into casual relationships on our profile, we may be thinking of something more.

B. Potential Hookupl. There’s physical attraction and conversation flows. Everything seems easy and by the end of the night the banter is light and flirty, maybe even sexually charged. There’s a good chance your invitation to come home with you is accepted, and if the sex is legit, you might even have found a new friend with benefits.

C. Fun while It Lasted. This grade often denotes a date that was fun, but just for one night. Maybe the conversation was stimulating, maybe the dinner was delicious, and maybe there was even sex… but for any number of reasons, we just don’t want to see you again. Don’t worry yourself trying to figure it all out, accept the rejection and keep browsing your dating site.

D. Bye Bye Birdie. This date probably didn’t last too long into the night. We likely knew in the first ten minutes that the chemistry wasn’t there, and sex was definitely not on the menu. Maybe you didn’t look like the photos you used in your dating profile, or maybe it took us until the end of the night to realize there just wasn’t any possibilities for a hookup. Again, get over it and move on.

F. Over Before It Begins. These are the worst dates to experience, but the best ones to tell to your friends about once you’ve recovered. You’ll only rate an F if you fail to show up, disrespect a woman badly, or act like a twat right off the bat. Don’t go on dating sites to meet women if you have personal issues like anger that need working out.

Of course, you can also add a plus or minus to each grade if they lie somewhere in between.

Give your last online date a grade, and share in the comments. We love to hear from our readers!

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