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Cougars Make Better Lovers

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Older women have it all when it comes to sexual confidence and prowess. As someone who is of cougar age, I’ve had many a younger lover who walked away very satisfied, or came back for more. It’s often a win-win situation for young cubs and older cougars. If you’re in your twenties (or even thirties) I highly recommend expanding your online search range to include women 10+ your age, to experience the many sexual bonuses a mature woman can offer.

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4 Reasons Why Cougars Make Better Lovers

1. Experience. Older women have been around the block, maybe more than once! A sexually experienced woman can teach you a thing or two between the sheets. She will not only be confident about her abilities, but also her body. If you’re inexperienced or shy when it comes to sex, you can count on a cougar to take the reins… and take you to places you may have never been!

2. Body Awareness. Women in their twenties are still trying to figure out what they like and how they like it. A mature woman will have explored with men, and on her own, what gets her off the most, whether that’s hitting her g-spot, double penetration, or just the write tongue swirl when you’re going down.

3. Kinky Exploration. Most people (women and men) discover and pursue kink and bdsm activities as they get older. If you have fantasies you want to explore, you’re not going to freak a cougar out when you bring it up. She’ll likely indulge you, as well as share her own interests in things like role playing, spanking, and bondage.

4. Hookups without Hangups. Not that a cougar-cub relationship can’t become something long term, but many older women are only looking for casual sex with younger men. This is why you don’t have to worry about cougar claws digging in. Whatever type of relationship she wants, you can count on her to be straight forward.

Are you attracted to older women? Share your experience with cougars in the comments below!

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