5 Guys Women Don’t Want to Date

Not getting laid? Not getting the responses you want from your online dating profile? Having trouble getting a second date after a tepid hookup?

Maybe there’s something wrong with you or your game. Here are five guys that women don’t want to date, or fuck.

5 Types of Guys Women Don’t Want to Date

1. The Narcissist

If you are a selfish, cold, manipulative sociopath who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about a woman’s feelings, chances are she’s not going to go for seconds.

Women have a weak spot for bad boys and rogues, so if you’re a bit rough or rock ‘n’ roll, you won’t have much trouble getting dates.

But if you’re narcissistic, critical of a woman’s every flaw, and always looking at yourself in a mirror instead of at her, she won’t care about your perfect pecs or big dick. Remember, there’s a big difference between confidence and arrogance.

2. The Misogynist

We get it, your mom was crazy and that explains why your girlfriends were too. But if we hear too much about how maligned you were by every woman in your life, we will wonder if there’s something wrong with you.

A man who lifts himself up by putting down all the women he’s been with is a huge red flag. On the off chance that you really were a victim to many evil women, we expect you to keep it to yourself and reference women respectfully anyways. You can tell us more about your bad experiences later on if we get closer.

3. The Basement Dweller

We don’t care if you actually live in a basement. We’re talking about the guy who spends most of his life with his dick in his hand, staring at creepy porn for weeks at a time.

It’s not about enjoying a bit of porn, either. It’s about balance. If you don’t actually date real girls or get out to enjoy a ballgame with your buddies or a drink with your office mates, we won’t feel any kind of real connection.

We can tell you’re this guy when you expect porn star moves before we’ve even decided to get naked. If you don’t have contact with the real world, we won’t have much reason to connect with you in bed.

4. The Sponge

You might think that having a job or money in pocket is irrelevant to hooking up, since you’re not going to be supporting our family or joining us for work conferences. But most women won’t be able to get wet for the kind of guy who is perpetually unemployed, or can only meet for a drink if we are paying.

I don’t care if you’re a doctor or a movie director, or if you mow lawns for the cemetery—a man who works hard can play hard, but a man who won’t lift a finger is a big turn off.

5. The Green-Eyed Monster

It’s one thing when a man I’ve shared part of my life with shows a little butthurt when someone else comes sniffing along—that’s natural, healthy, and reminds me that my main squeeze cares.

But guys who don’t check their irrational jealousy, or who insinuate before we’ve even met that girls into casual sex are sluts, aren’t getting past the gates.

If we’re casual, it’s none of your business who else I’m dating. If you’re asking too many questions about my love life when your profile says you’re just looking for a good time with no strings attached, I’m scrolling past.

To our women readers: What kind of man do you pass on?

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