Politically Incorrect Kinks

Sharing your sexual preferences, fetishes, and kinks should be easier than ever, as societies continue to open up about the variety of sexual practices that people enjoy.

It’s hard to imagine that there was a time when being gay meant someone had to “come out,” and that it was met with so much resistance and emotion, with repercussions like job loss or being institutionalized!

Not long ago, polyamory was a word whispered, but now teachers, doctors, and politicians are poly and proud, and mainstream publications talk about polyamory as a valid family lifestyle.

If you enjoy being tied up and paddled, or vice versa, there are millions of interested women—just look at the outrageous success of Fifty Shades of Grey, and other BDSM romance books and movies.

But there are still lots of politically incorrect kinks we hide. Some are illegal, some are impossible, some are unhealthy or dangerous, and yes, some are immoral. (While I don’t care who does what to whom or how, consent defines everything, and kinks where consent is not possible are the only ones that are not permissible in my book.)

6 Politically Incorrect Kinks and Fetishes

Cannibal Kink

Armie Hammer is more famous for his off the cuff text messages than for his acting. Whether he really has a cannibal compulsion or not remains to be seen, but sexual cannibalism is a grisly affair that resurfaces time to time, usually when there is a serial killer who is a sexual sadist.

Some don’t dream of eating, but of being eaten.

The infamous German cannibal Armin Miewes brought international attention to the fetish—he turned down many guys dying to be eaten, and said there were thousands more in the underground.

Umm, please pass the salt.

Big Black Cock

Racial sexual preferences are a very touchy topic right now, but that hasn’t made them go away.

Lots of folks have a strong preference for a particular race or culture. BBC is huge—pardon the pun—among women, and some gay men too.

Porn videos of hot Latinas are ever popular. Men are still flocking to Japan or China from Europe, Mexico, and the Middle East to find beautiful Asian wives.

No one wants to be an object or a politically incorrect kink. But we like what we like. Treating each other as people and not as dildos or holes is probably the most important goal for those who have a racial preference.

Rape Fantasies

Rape fantasies are pervasive among women and some men. Politically incorrect or not, we have them. It’s all about giving up control and giving in to our passions. Rape fantasies can be roleplayed, but NEVER mean a woman “really” wants to be raped. The fantasy itself means it is on her own terms.

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Amputees or Amputation

How is this even a thing that more than one person has dreamed up? But it is. I’m not one to pathologize much, but clearly something is abnormally wired here. Apotemnophilia is when people want to amputate themselves, and some do.

While some are simply turned on by the taboo of accident and danger, and desiring people of different physical abilities is positive, the desire to saw off your own arm or leg is probably a form of dysmorphia or faulty brain mapping.


Incest fantasies and consensual incest are both far more common than most of us admit, and surprisingly common among women. Incest acceptance activists want consensual incest separated from child abuse, rape, and coercion, and call their practice or kink consanguinamory, but today this is still considered a politically incorrect fetish

Consent-Impossible Kinks

Those who live with these desires can never fulfill them and must focus on other aspects of life.

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If you’re intrigued by the world of fetish and want to learn more, see Kink Lovers’ Glossary of Fetish & Kink for a huge list

Do you have a taboo or politically incorrect kink that you are willing to share?

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