5 Common Kinks that Women Will Indulge

Sexuality can be marvelously tied up in complex fetishes and kinks, and there are entire online communities, as well as dating and mating rituals for each one.

There are lots of kinky women but some fetishes are very specific, and many are specific to men. It can take some tricky navigation to find a love connection or a woman who knows the ropes, but there are niche dating sites to help you meet her.

But if you’re kink-flexible and just hoping for a willing hookup with a woman who is curious and game, you might be in luck anywhere you go.

Here are five extremely common kinks that women might share, or be happy to indulge.

5 Common Kinks for Hookups

1. Role Play and Dress-Up

Halloween and other costume nights are massively popular for a reason.

Nurse, mommy, cop, teacher, stripper, dominatrix—women love to dress up. Even if she doesn’t have a bona fide thing for nursing or red rubber, she might enjoy the chance to experience a fantasy night as someone else.

Role play and dress-up bring variety and imaginative sex play into the bedroom.

2. Foot Worship

Many guys have a kink for feet. And this might include the shoes they’re in, high heels or filthy sneakers. You might be aroused by the naked foot or explode just thinking of a ballet slipper. For some dudes, it’s simply the sexiest part of a woman’s body.

The bad news is that very few females have a “thing” for having their feet touched or looked at. But on the other hand, it doesn’t require special skills on our part. It’s so normal and common that it’s unlikely to offend us.

Some kinks are creepy to a partner who doesn’t share them, but this one won’t trigger anyone the wrong way. Be upfront about it before hooking up, and chances are, she’ll happily wear the pumps you love on her tootsies.

3. BDSM Lite

Common fantasies and desires for many women include variations of BDSM. While more involved and extreme practices of S&M or bondage and discipline can require intense levels of trust or intricate matching, generalized BDSM play such as bondage lite is easy to integrate. Spanking, dress-up, bossing you around, sensation play—trust me, she’s looking for you already!

4. Big Beautiful Women

Don’t use cringe words like “fat fetish,” and you’ll be fine. There are lots of large and lusty women who love sex. Big gals who mistakenly think all guys want bone racks in bed miss out on what smart women know—a large proportion of men love large women.

No woman wants to feel like a fetish or object, but we can appreciate that you have preferences. It’s okay to mention that you love all body types or find BBWs hot as long as you are dating and hooking up with the whole person, not just her body. Large girls will scroll past profiles that specify sleek seekers, so make sure they can easily find YOU!

5. Pegging and Anal Play for You

Don’t mistakenly assume that your ass cravings can’t be satisfied in casual sex. Many women are curious about or already enjoy the gender-bending or power aspects of girl-on-guy ass play, and lots of us have an actual thing for your ass. It can be easier to explore our own curiosity in a casual hookup, to test the waters or gain experience, or simply to get off.

Pay attention to profiles because you’ll see lots of women who want to deliver a good ass fucking to a willing slut. Also, if you have anal sex toys on hand such as butt plugs and strap-ons, she may be curious and willing to try something new.

What kinks do you divulge to a woman you’ve just met?

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