Winter Hookups: How to Meet Women in Winter

Finding it tough to find hookups in the winter? 

Maybe you live in a climate that is moderate all year round, like Australia, but maybe you live where winter plays a role in where and how you meet people.

As I write this, there is a raging blizzard outside my office window. Is sex something I would venture out into the world to find today? Definitely not. But cold sunny days are some of my favorites, and cold temps shouldn’t deter you from getting out and finding sexy fun with others.

You may have to go outside your comfort zone when it comes to winter hookups, but if you can see it as an adventure with all kinds of new possibilities, you will surprise yourself in many ways.

6 Ways to Meet Women in Winter

Find your winter hookup by getting out there!

1. Take Group Lessons for Skiing or Skating

If you already love skiing or skating, take to the hills or hang out in the chalet, sign up for a skate-a-thon or show up at the local rink for a game of shinny. When physical activity is involved, you don’t have to suffer through those anxious moments of sitting fact to face on a first date. You’ll be meeting new people, having fun, learning something new, all the while assessing the possibilities.

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2. Sign Up for a Course

If you are of the hibernating kind, take an online course in something you are curious about, or something related to your passion or work as professional development. The great thing about meeting others in classes is that you already have something in common, a built-in icebreaker.

Brains before brawn is how many women think when it comes to their attraction to men. If you decide to take in-person classes, think of something interactive like cooking classes or martial arts.

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3. Plan a Getaway

If you have the time and money, why not get away for a weekend, or longer, and look for a vacation fling. Some of my most memorable hookups came on vacay when I felt most relaxed, away from the day-to-day stressors of my life. When winter lasts almost half the year, a break can bring wonders.

While away, keep your mind open to adventure and your eyes open to those around you. You may meet a sexy local who wants to show you around or another traveling single at a festive event.

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4. Volunteer

If you have a few hours a week to give yourself to a good cause, you’ll not only find rewarding work but also others who share your kindness and passion for good work. I’m not saying you’ll definitely find someone to hook up with, but it just opens up your world to more people. Networking isn’t just about careers.

Great places to volunteer in the winter are out-of-the-cold programs, food banks, shelters, and grocery delivery for vulnerable populations.

5. Accept Invitations

If you work at home, like many, getting out of the house can be a challenge, especially if you are an introvert. Do you really want to trek across town on public transit or drive in blowing snow to the party of your friend’s cute single cousin? Probably not, but it’s important to recognize opportunity when it knocks, and take action.

Maybe you’re not a match with the cousin, but there’s someone else there who’s looking for casual winter hookups. When your buddy invites you to go snowmobiling next weekend, say yes, even if you’ve never tried it, because you never know who you’ll meet.

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6. Join a Dating Site

I forget sometimes that many of you men out there are still on the fence about online dating. I know I was for a long time. I’ve met many past lovers online, and my current partner as well. It works, whether you’re looking for casual flings or serious relationships.

If you’re new, it takes some practice and profile tweaking, and thickening of the skin for the unavoidable rejection. But once you find your groove and keep expectations at a realistic level, you will find it can work for you too. Go mainstream or niche, to help find what you are specifically looking for.

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What does dating and casual encounters look like for you in winter? Please share!

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